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Ben silver

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Gentlemen: I first received their catalog a few months back, and I wasnt terribly impressed with the manner in which they created ensembles and matched colors and patterns.  Of course I was extrememly critical about their ties as well of which I liked very few. I am curious as to what popular consensus is regarding the first of the two issues. Is it just me or are their color combos a little "interesting"? And one of my favorites... And finally, is anyone really wearing Pink or light red seersucker?
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Id agree with you on the color combinations, a bit strange to my eye, but eveyone has a different sense of style. As for the ties, I divide them into a few different catagories. They have lots of regimentals, that they sell under their own label, and I suppose subcontract out. I own a scottish football tie like this. It cost $75, and has held up well. The Drakes ties they have are beautiful, I think. I just bought my first one from them a few weeks ago, its my new favourite. It is very heavy, ties so well, and I love the print. On a different note, they have great customer service, which is a rarity these days. the only pink seersucker suits I see in nyc are down on christopher street.
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Ben Silver is, after all, a Southern operation, is it not? What do those of you who live in the South think? Are the standards different than what you see in the North? Maybe reds and pinks are more common in Peachtree country than elsewhere.
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I know an old dandy from Charleston that puts together combinations that are quite "Ben Silver" like. I'm guessing Ben Silver reflects its home region's take on classic Anglo-American dressing. How have you found Ben Silver's customer service?
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I like the combos. I tend not to do the plaid sportscoats, but I otherwise like the colors.
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The "Made in England" label Ben Silver ties I believe to be made by Charles Hill, this would primarily be the regimentals. I must say, I really like the look of Ben Silver's ties quite a bit. As for their ensembles, they're not exactly what I might pursue, but Charleston is a different sort of place. I like Ben Silver in that they seem to embrace the Southerness of it all. An attitude I wholly endorse.
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I grew up in Virginia, so I have a bit of a Southern bias. I like the second picture (the top right)  I also like the bottom picture.   These two seem to achieve some harmony between shirt, tie, pocket square, and jacket. The blue pocket square in the center picture seems a bit "detached" from the rest of the ensemble, a bit like a saxaphone solo in the middle of a chamber music performance.   Likewise, the pocket square in the first picture doesn't really seem to go with anything else the guy is wearing. As for seersucker, I like it.  I don't have a seersucker suit myself, but if I spent more time in a hot climate, I would probably buy one.  If I lived in Charleston, I'd definitely own one.  It has something of a regional association, but translates pretty well, I think.  Last time I saw a man in a seersucker suit was last Summer at the theater.  A very well dressed man in a light blue seersucker suit, linen pocket square, white shirt, and tie.  He looked good.  It was an outdoor venue on an warm Summer evening, and seersucker was a great combination of elegance and comfort.  I didn't look nearly so good that evening.
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There is definitely a Southern feel to Ben Silver. I find what they have a lot more relevant since I relocated from Boston to DC.
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Here in DC, seersucker suits are common this time of year; however, they are more commonly seen on men over age 55 or so. In my mind/opinion, they are generally all (well-off and well-tanned) law firm partners who spend their weekends playing tennis by day and sipping white Burgundy by night. It's a look that says "money" or more likely, old(er) money. As for the nantucket red seersucker, I've seen shorts and shirts in that color, but not suits/blazers. I like it though. Something not to wear to the office, but to wear to a summertime social (not work-related) party. The tie, etc. colors are slightly off, but I assume Ben Silver just didn't want to be too much like the Brooks Brothers catalog, where everything is perfect. He probably wanted to be more like the Paul Stuart catalog -- where colors trend towards the loud and bright.
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I don't mind their color combinations, but I think their prices are very high. They charge an exorbinant premium for the Aquascutum made merchandise. Their Crockett & Jones shoes are not cheap either. Basically, you're paying a hefty premium for their Southern sensibility.
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There is definitely a Southern feel to Ben Silver. I find what they have a lot more relevant since I relocated from Boston to DC.
So I guess that it sort of answers some of my "problems" and that is that its a southerny look and I will have a hard time relating to it, being born and bred on the East Cost, Namely NYC. However I think that the color combos of the sets still are a little, how shall I say...Original. For example the salmon tie with the brown and orange check blazer and the Blue pocket square...  Where does the Salmon color come in and then the blue? SO yes, whats bothering me is the Harmony as Kai stated.  As far as comparing it to a Sax Solo...hmmm...Solos are usually played alone, and if the soloist chimes in when all are playing its bound to make some unpleasant noise. (I guess though wearing the tie or pocket square alone is bound to raise more eyebrows...although it might be very comfortable) I can see blue seersucker, but the red is too much for me. And finally, I do think that thay are priced high. In Summation...based on the results of this little unnofficial poll... I guess it IS just me...   JJF
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Usually when designers or stores showcase clothes, they are not assembled in the way that is meant for the customer to wear. Just look at some of the silly ensambles put together on the Ralph Lauren website. It shows the extent of what's possible with the clothes. Generally, people don't buy everything that is on the model and wear it that way. Instead, they pick individual pieces and match them as they wish.
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If it's any consolation, I think that most southerners I know would object to their portrayal as 50+ year old men trapped in some bad riverboat movie. But that's just me...
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I believe, based on nothing but the photos in the last catalog, that they got a new stylist. I've been a customer for hose and other oddments for years, and the clothing on the their models has always been updated soft shoulder classic. Think Paul Stuart with Drake's neckties. This catalog, suddenly the combinations make little sense to me. Hopefully the slippage will not rub off on their buyers. Will
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According to their website, Ben Silver's MTM program includes style advice from one of their "experts". I wonder whether her taste reflects the new Ben Silver catalog or the old.
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