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First big suit purchase

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Can you guys help me with a suit purchase?

Do I really need to spend 1000 to find something that looks really good.

I went to see suits today at hugo boss, relph lauren (only looked at blue label), brooks brothers, and burberry. I found the burberry suit fit the best. It was tough to drop that much money without knowing what I'm looking at.

I'm in my 20s. I'm hardworking and will be wearing the pants often. I have some important dinners and stuff that I should be wearing a nice suit. Everything I have right now is was in the 200-500 range and I find doesn't fit well.  I want something that will look good and I will want to wear. What color would you go with? I've been looking at dark grey. I have a muscular thin build. 


Any help would be really appreciated.

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In general people on here advocate for at least a full canvassed suit. But in reality most that can be had at that 1000 price point non discounted probably wont work that well for your build. Suit supply is not bad for the muscular thin build, but remember that a higher price does not equal a better fit. My advice to you if you dont mind clothing snobs looking down on you for having a non canvassed suit is to set yourself a budget which you see to have done already and just find which ever brands works the best for you. It also might help if you say which city you are located in so some people could recommend MTM or entry level bespoke in your area should you be fortunate enough to live near a place that offers those services
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Thanks for the response.

Michigan. Near Ann Arbor.

I could up my price point if it is really worth it. How about if I went to a place like Saks?

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The search function is a wonderful invention.

However to help you try:
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