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Originally Posted by Veremund View Post

Backpacks are for sports or children. Not for work. Even if it's made of stingray, by Gucci, for 10 grand.


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How about Filson tin cloth backpack?
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the margiela looks like a nice high end option, though not sure i'd shell out for that myself. filson looks pretty good as well, though i haven't decided if straps look good or are just cumbersome.

i've been looking at the duluth packs in leather or waxed canvas (though i could do without the branding): http://duluthpack.com/school-campus/backpacks-bags/large-all-leather-daypack.html

they've been making daypacks for campers/hikers for over 100 years now (used to be the standard before synthetic materials took over) - should be pretty durable.

i agree that there's no good way to wear this with any sort of sportscoat/jacket, though i think they should work with business casual/jeans and a button up.
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I'd be interested in seeing some options on this too.


I use a backpack at work, both for work stuff and for carrying gym stuff around.  I am not sure, from a practical standpoint, that anything other than a backpack could work for me.  I could see a duffle bag for gym stuff but I question the comfort.


I think a rucksack style backpack could work for me.

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Here is my backpack:


it gets plenty of use, and has done for decades before i got it. :)

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I would think that leather backpacks would have the same degree of casualness as leather messenger bags.
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What about non leather briefcases, like the ones from briggs riley? I guess this one is more formal, but would something like this also be acceptable?

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