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Do you mean craftsmanship? or gold plating?  yes i saw the 40 jewels. :facepalm::lol:

so you are trying to infer that the op or another person could not obtain a quality timepiece without spending thousands?

-some people confuse quality with price.  and i am merely offering ideas at his suggested price point. hence recommending he search on ebay.

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Plating? I guess the camera didn't pick up the 21k stamp.

Have a read about Glashutte Original, you won't be questioning its craftsmanship.
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Originally Posted by ahsam View Post

You all seem so sure that buying a fake watch is in some way outlandish. I don't own one myself but I notice that there is obviously a big market for them, not all of the millions of buyers are idiots. Some are still uneducated in the finer things of a comfortable life, which fortunately many some posters seem to enjoy.

How many of us have girlfriends or wives with fake Birkin handbags ? There so well made today that it's incredible. Do we look askance at their owners ? At my local taylor recently two young gentlemen asked for reproductions of TF blazers in several springtime hues, nobody present even bat at eyelid at anything else than their choice of colors.

Of course, the movements of a fake PP won't be as well made. But the case is sometimes close to perfection, give the Sinican genius some time and they will slap in there more reliable movements.

It' s not in my opinion a matter of theft, ridicule, lack of good taste, or distate. There is a market out there being provided for by obvious talent. The manufactures and the snobs like most of here should be happy : an ignoramus to whom the inside of a watch is only a beautiful sight is condemned to buying from official dealers in the main cities of the world only. Even major jewellery shops of the developing world are in some instances distributors for well made fakes, sold with papers of course. So there is no reason to get so upset, the existence of fakes is throwing us in the arms of major brands who are only to happy to sell and fix for a very modest price, right ?

You can try to rationalize it all you want but it's still theft.
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Anyone who says the quality of a fake birkin is on par with a real one has never been to Hermes and handled a real one.

Same goes for watches, there's no doubt that there are high quality fakes. Some may even use top grade ETA movements. (Which are not bad movements by any standard)

There are a few kind of watch buyers.

People that just want to be able to tell time and don't care about the watch itself.

People that like the fashion of it.

People that like it for the brand only.

People that are horology enthusiasts and appreciate the artistry of an in-house movement.

There's nothing wrong with a cheap watch, there's nothing wrong with buying a high quality Orient watch or Sieko for a couple hundred bucks. There's nothing wrong with a $40 timex. I don't mind people buying watches that are clearly inspired by iconic watches like the Rolex Sub or AP Royal Oak.

I do have a problem with a company putting Rolex on a watch that was not made by Rolex and selling it in Chinatown to some idiot that wants to fool his friends.

It's okay to not be able to afford a $10,000 watch. But it's not okay to steal other people intellectual property to convince others that you can.
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I like my watches for the heritage, workmanship,accuracy, and understated styling. I Collect Seiko's. made by hand, before 1980. winders and auto's. they are beautiful from a purely mechanical perspective. no bling, just genius. and as gifts, i give dear friends and associates vintage Seiko's on birthdays and the like.  they are usually subtle. conservative.  but just complete any outfit that i am wearing. black or brown band. white,silver or black face. 17,23,25,27 jewels. i love them all.


My daily watch is a 1970's Seiko 5 "Actus" 23 jewels -have never noticed a lack in time holding. worth more to me than anyone could offer.


not about rich or poor, i could buy a swiss watch. but don't. as these are my passion. and affordable for the op. but not from me,just look around......

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Fake Rolex : Rolex :: Fiero kit car: Ferrari


As for people bashing rolex or other high end 5k+ watches, are you serious? People have different priorities, not to mention if owning a 200k+ sports car is chump change paying 10k for a watch is like nothing.


The people that try to pull off fakes are just plain idiots. You could spend that 100-150 on an actual legit watch that is actually respected in the watch world. 

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The fake or knockoff market is driven by people and they're need to try to impress, fit in or otherwise be cool. What they don't understand is all it does is earmark you as a fake or a poser. To me it's also a sure sign of a person with little or no self respect as well.
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Originally Posted by BigRob View Post

5% is a figure I made an educated guess about, but, yes, the gold, steel, crystal, and labor necessary to create a $20,000 watch is nowhere near $2,000 - let alone $20,000.

USD 2000 = CHF 1800 for all materials and labor? Certainly not at Swiss salary levels ( ... the average annual gross salary of a Swiss master watchmaker ("Uhrmachermeister") is about CHF 110,000).
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Originally Posted by AlexE View Post

USD 2000 = CHF 1800 for all materials and labor? Certainly not at Swiss salary levels ( ... the average annual gross salary of a Swiss master watchmaker ("Uhrmachermeister") is about CHF 110,000).

$20,000 for labour?   pass. my house gets a pool. and i get another watch.

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Originally Posted by size 38R View Post

$20,000 for labour?   pass. my house gets a pool. and i get another watch.

congratulations, you don't want to pay a lot of money for a watch. Most people don't want to buy ugly odd vests and look like an idiot, but you do.

Its all about priorities.

Btw, perhaps you should consider collecting a new couch...yikes.
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Originally Posted by size 38R View Post

$20,000 for labour?   pass. my house gets a pool. and i get another watch.

congrats you are not their target audience. Just because you dont bring home that kind of money does not mean that those who do are making poor judgements when they buy a 25k watch. I certainly dont have that kind of money, but i can see why the 1% would like to have that kind of watch.  The amount of craftsmanship that goes into a high end watch is mind boggling. You are wearing a mechanical piece of artwork on your arm.


Plus chances are they already have a pool, probably multiple

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No need to bash. To him, the value of master handwork is not on par with the money it costs. Can't blame him for that.

It is again about priorities, plenty of respectable watches can be had at all price ranges. (Plenty of horrible monstrosities too)

Buy a watch in the price range you feel comfortable in. Just don't get a fake one. And if you are the type of person to buy a fake one, don't go around and say that it is as good as an original.

Chances are if you know enough about watches to speak with any kind of credibility on the quality of one movement vs another, you're not the kind of person that buys fake watches.
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I personally wouldn't buy "imitation watches." If you choose to its your choice. It sounds like your aware of the reasons for pricing so it sounds like you also dont want to wear "imitation watches." 

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Originally Posted by BigRob View Post

I've read that replicators can construct watches so fine that there's literally no way to tell without taking the watch apart.  They can run for a few hundred dollars.


Does anyone have experience with purchasing such a watch?

Please explain to me how you'd go about replicating this:





Yeah, no. Not gonna happen. 

Anyone who knows anything about watches will know right away. And while I can't speak for everyone, I'd certainly call it. 


Buy yourself a vintage omega seamaster for less than a G and keep your dignity. Don't make yourself look like an arse with a fake timepiece. 

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^^very carefully....


Which one is the one at the top left?

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