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Incredible assertion on the part of Great Gatsby. You should be sure of what you say before claiming such things. I have nothing to do with Payton James and your statement makes me suspicious that you are not a mere private poster like myself. Obviously this industry segment gets some people very edgy. Very sad to see somebody fly off the hook.

On the other hand I thought that Table21 statements on a car replica or suit were food for thought.
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Originally Posted by thegreatgatsby View Post

This thread starter is just sad.

He's created two alter-egos to maintain an otherwise useless thread.

On the topic of "fakes" --- here are his two fake identities he's posting under to breathe life into a thread with cardiac arrest!

Payton Jones & ahsam

If you notice - they both opened accounts yesterday.

Can the moderator please put an end to this retarded charade - and reduce (by at least one) the fakes and trolls?


I did no such thing.  Can we get a moderator to check IPs and confirm/deny this?


(I actually edited my first post in this thread to make it less inflammatory in the hopes that the thread would die; y'all ain't no help to no one, y'hear?)

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   whether the op is a troll or not, this is a noob question that needs to be addressed. so in the future, noobs can benefit from this guys mistake. 

if you want a "Rolex"- real or fake- you are a douche. a good watch can be had for pocket change, an excellent one for around $1,000.(omega,oris,iwc,tag,etc...)

spending more than that? your priorities need evaluating.


Ebay is your friend. click "buy it now" on a mid range watch for around $500. or just go out and buy a decent Seiko (sportura,arctura?) on sale. and never think of douchey watches again.

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How can a stupid question be valid?

There are two great threads on this forum addressing watches. There's no reason not to have more, but not this one. OP is a troll, and as you inferred (though I'd disagree with your choices), there are good watches to buy at almost every price point without delving into fakes.

Someone, please end this.
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Originally Posted by Hayward View Post

How can a stupid question be valid?

There are two great threads on this forum addressing watches. There's no reason not to have more, but not this one. OP is a troll, and as you inferred (though I'd disagree with your choices), there are good watches to buy at almost every price point without delving into fakes.

Someone, please end this.

Hayward, this has all the makings of another runaway train wreck.
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Originally Posted by size 38R View Post


if you want a rolex- real or fake- you are a douche. a good watch can be had for pocket change, an excellent one for around $1,000.(omega,oris,iwc,tag,etc...)

spending more than that? your priorities need evaluating.



I think my rolex milguss is my favorite watch, I have had 2 omega, 2 tag and 1 oris right now. 


BTW watches are not like buying a tie, I would not buy anything used unless you know what your doing.

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I just spent enough to buy a Rolex, on something else. - priorities.
The op is not the troll here, asking a dumb question is hardly trolling. (no offence intended)

This is a forum, we can disagree . But acting like children is not a productive response . lol8[1].gif
Btw, I trade in vintage watches, and have examined rolexes . Meh.
I'm a douche , but don't feel the need to parade the fact.

So a noob should be quite happy with a quality used Oris diver. Or he's better of with a fake if he just wants to pose.
And how can a stupid question be valid? When it is met with an intelligent answer.
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The OP has one unequivocal match, but that's for a long defunct username (Snew), not one of the two suspected above.

This is not to say that the OP is not a troll. That's still to be seen, and this thread is not sufficient grounds for any kind of disciplining.

On the other hand, Hayward's posts (now deleted) were. Enjoy the week off, H.

Btw, if you think someone's a troll, just flag the post. No need to clutter threads w/ speculation.
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a thanks to the mods is warranted here.:fonz:  and do your research, look around on the bay. and buy from a strong seller. good luck.

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I think everyone has learned a lesson here.

Let's recap:

1. If you create a useless thread, you'll have 2 or 3 people come to your defense and argue that it's useful. You'll even get the "there are no stupid questions" argument (I knew that someone would evoke that one). Yes, there are stupid questions. There are inane answers, too. You cannot transform, through alchemy, a flawed premise into a brilliant one. Thinking that, for instance, a "child has great wisdom is his simplicity" is just wishful thinking.

2. If you call out SF members for "trolling," you are told by the moderator that, "Well, we both know he's a troll, but don't assume he's a troll, and don't call him that."
If you read the moderator's post (#39), this is the subtext. I think a troll by any other name is still a troll. And, I come to SF because it's a community where you can have genuine, authentic discussions about all things style. This thread does not qualify as genuine, authentic, or useful. It doesn't examine anything real. There are no great imitation watches, where, out of the shadows of Times Square, a man in a trench coat is going to sell you a fake Patek Philippe for $500 that runs as well as a $15,000 Patek Philippe. There is no factory in Asia that makes great fakes in secrecy, turning out spot-on Panerais, that have the same internal mechanisms for a fraction of the price. This is an odd fantasy, and the fantasy doesn't open up a discourse about the finer points of buying, selling, trading, appreciating, or collecting watches.

3. If there is a train wreck of a thread (such as this one), the best thing to do is to pile on the wreckage and say, "Hey, by the way, I sell vintage watches..." Yes, use the derailed and contentious thread to self-promote. No one, of course, would take issue with this.
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Wow!The level of hostility is amazing.

This is not quite an answer but on topic. The great watches combine beautiful designs with first quality movements. The OP seems to be asking whether one can get a GOOD movement in an attractive case for a fraction of the price. The answer to that is obviously yes. Just look down market from the famous brands.There are plenty of watches at all price points that look nice and tell time.

If you want high accuracy you will not use a mechanical watch at all. Check the time on your phone or pay under $100 for a digital watch that sets itself from the atomic clock. No mechanical watch will come close in accuracy, and maintenance consists of changing batteries every few years.

If you want a piece of jewelry that looks like a major brand name watch then you could go fake or used. Authentic used for top end watches is still pricey.

I have never bought a fake watch because I interpreted this as theft of property from the companies that developed the designs and marketed the brand. I have no idea whether it is legal, but it does not seem honest.

At one time I used to browse at a shop that would take authentic cases with movements that were damaged beyond repair. They would install functional movements that were not from the case manufactures. Not original, not authentic. They were quite upfront that this is, say, an authentic JLC case with a movement that fit and worked but not JLC. These sold for several hundred dollars. I thought this was acceptably honest, but still more than I would pay for a watch.

I suppose you need to ask why you want a fake watch. For many watch people the appeal is largely the guts of the watch. The design, the skilled Swiss workers carefully building them, the tradition, the quality control... If you don't care about that, then going fake might cost more than an equivalent quality watch that does not trade on a name that belongs to someone else.
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Not quite, thegreatgatsby. 38R has been much closer to the truth. Here's the lesson, just to be clear:

The OP's question is a beginner's question, a common question, one that will be asked again and again.

Asking such questions is often done by trolls to irritate the more seasoned posters who have little patience.

The ideal response to such questions is to answer them clearly and with a minimum of rancor and to flag suspected troll's posts.

Those who bring the rancor past tolerated levels (ie posting porn cartoons in H's case) will be disciplined.

This goes for noobs, trolls or "senior members" alike, and is why the OP too just earned a TO (for a now-deleted post).
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I can agree to that.

Well said.
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Had to take my watch off for this one....

A few hundred dollars can't buy you this level of craftsmanship.

Thread over.
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You all seem so sure that buying a fake watch is in some way outlandish. I don't own one myself but I notice that there is obviously a big market for them, not all of the millions of buyers are idiots. Some are still uneducated in the finer things of a comfortable life, which fortunately many some posters seem to enjoy.

How many of us have girlfriends or wives with fake Birkin handbags ? There so well made today that it's incredible. Do we look askance at their owners ? At my local taylor recently two young gentlemen asked for reproductions of TF blazers in several springtime hues, nobody present even bat at eyelid at anything else than their choice of colors.

Of course, the movements of a fake PP won't be as well made. But the case is sometimes close to perfection, give the Sinican genius some time and they will slap in there more reliable movements.

It' s not in my opinion a matter of theft, ridicule, lack of good taste, or distate. There is a market out there being provided for by obvious talent. The manufactures and the snobs like most of here should be happy : an ignoramus to whom the inside of a watch is only a beautiful sight is condemned to buying from official dealers in the main cities of the world only. Even major jewellery shops of the developing world are in some instances distributors for well made fakes, sold with papers of course. So there is no reason to get so upset, the existence of fakes is throwing us in the arms of major brands who are only to happy to sell and fix for a very modest price, right ?
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