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This is a joke right?
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QUALITY . VINTAGE. WATCH. - yes in caps. a beautiful watch can be had cheap if you know what to look for.   like an omega seamaster = $450!!!  put a new band on that, get it serviced. and you have a "REAL" watch.  just ebay search "Omega" or you can try "Oris"  enjoy.

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Pure nonsense
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Close this pointless thread please, someone.
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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post

Close this pointless thread please, someone.


Opposite of pointless.  Specific question, potentially valuable answers.

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Why do SF members indulge these kinds of questions?

Anyone who posts on this thread should not address the question asked. You're only encouraging more posts like these.
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Originally Posted by BigRob View Post

Opposite of pointless.  Specific question, potentially valuable answers.

No it is pointless and your specific questions don't have any valuable answers.
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Originally Posted by Crane's View Post

No it is pointless and your specific questions don't have any valuable answers.


I hate to call you wrong, but you're wrong.  Sample valuable answer:


"I bought a watch from xyzreplica.com/zyx.  It was O.K., but my boss, a business mogul, could tell it wasn't a genuine Timex Easy Reader the moment I walked into the parlor."  


Another sample:


"I am an expert on the subject of fine and antique watches.  I was recently on a panel in which replicas were discussed, and I and other experts were 'tested' to see if we could tell the difference between original and replicas.  None of the experts nor I could tell the difference, even after opening the watches up!"


A third (I like lists of three):


"I tried to order one from abcwatch.net/cba.  They stole my credit card info.  I hear such practice is common in the replica watch industry!"


And so forth.

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He doesn't get it ---
there is no such thing as a reputable replica watch company.
It's an oxy-moron.

His own "sample answers" are hypothetical, as no one on this forum has offered anything along those lines.
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Gentlemen, allow me to disagree with your disparaging tone. Your not addressing the issue submitted when saying " go buy a vintage " learn from there and become a victim like the rest of us of brand hype for an expensive product which often doesn't work satisfactorily.

When you visit the ME and the Orient you realise what a big market there is. In Hong Kong there are stores with the doors opened on the street and inside rows of $20000 plus watches with just a plastic on them. When you take one in your hand and scrutinize it you marvel. How do they do it ? On the other hand if you don't speak Cantonese it's pointless trying to buy one.

Yes, there is as they say in French a " wall of silence " on the subject. More information would only highlight the incredible savviness of the manufactures.
I think this thread might teach us a few things if those who know are willing to contribute ( not necessarily evident ). Regards from an owner of several nice watches which always need repairs.
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I always find thread like this comical, I started my interest into fine watch's from buying a pile of fakes. I had no idea what I was doing and I bought a few that were duds which needed fixing.  After that, I learned how to do basic repairs on them.  Being able to do basic repairs taught me the ins and outs of what makes a good watch 'good'.  Before going though this process I had no idea.


Anyways back on topic, most people will not be able to tell a fake apart from a real watch.  On good fakes I still have to look at the watches movement to be sure (I am not a pro but have a decent eye for these things).


In terms of is it right to wear one... well if I rebuilt a 67 mustang would people mock me if I was to drive it or if I were to get my tailor to try and copy that tom ford suit I like would people say that its wrong to wear it?  If you are one of the guys that think it would be wrong, well than a fake watch is not for you.  If you would not care then maybe give it a try.



that's my 10 cents

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Originally Posted by table21 View Post
 if I rebuilt a 67 mustang would people mock me if I was to drive it ...


People would mock you if you bought a Chevette and put Mustang logos on it, or if you had your tailor recreate someone else's suit and then sew a Tom Ford label in to it.

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This thread starter is just sad.

He's created two alter-egos to maintain an otherwise useless thread.

On the topic of "fakes" --- here are his two fake identities he's posting under to breathe life into a thread with cardiac arrest!

Payton Jones & ahsam

If you notice - they both opened accounts yesterday.

Can the moderator please put an end to this retarded charade - and reduce (by at least one) the fakes and trolls?
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