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Hickey Freeman at Neiman Marcus Last Call

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Quick search for full canvas suits on a budget, I came across Hickey Freeman. There is a local Neiman Marcus Last Call outlet store that carries these suits. Was wondering how the construction and quality is on these suits? Full canvass? Here is what I'm talking about. 


For the record, Im 5'7'' and wear a 36 short. I have one ThickAsThieves suit (grey) and two JCrew Ludlow suits (blue & black) and would like to further expand on my wardrobe. Im a graduate student so the price point for a HF suit is what catches my eye. Your help will be appreciated. 
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as far as I know, the Lindsey brand is not full canvas. I think I heard it on this forum. Please search for the relevant key words.


Today, NMLC has 4-5 new HF jackets added to the inventory but they don't say Lindsey. Does that mean the new ones are full canvas? I am not sure. Shipping is free and if you have a local NMLC close to you, you can always return it if it fails the pinch test. I have only 1 full canvas jacket and I can easily tell that it is full canvas by the pinch test. So order it and if you think it is full canvas, keep it.

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For anyone still curious, I have posted my very recent experience of Last Call's Hickey Freeman suits here:


The takeaway: The Lindsey model is 100% fused.

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The Lindsey line is made for the outlets. It's the same suit as the Addison with two exceptions.


1. The Addison has a full canvas and the Lindsey has a half canvas.


2. The Addison is typically made of Super 150's (Loro Piana) wool and the Lindsey is made of worsted wool. 


If you can find a Lindsey at the outlets for under $500 its a great suit. Otherwise the Addison will run you around $1,500. 

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