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Who are the best tie makers?

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I am interested in finding out who are the best tie manufacturers. Please give me your personal opinion and insight on the market.

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It depends upon what is your definition of "best." Leonard currently gets my vote. I have a few Missimo Bizzocchi, Salvatore Ferragamo and Stefano Ricci ties that are quite nice as well.

Serica Elite was a former favorite, but unfortunately they have gone out of business.
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Have you noticed a specific style they specialize in?

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Opinions will vary. Hober gets my vote (spend some time on the Hober thread and you will see why).

Here is a thread on tie makers that may be of interest.
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Eric Glennie (I may have misspelled his name).
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Do they specialize in any specific style?

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I have 4 beautiful Zegna silk ties that I enjoy. They are pricey but the colors are beautiful.
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Right now? confused.gif That's hard to say as the rapidly-evolving world of fashion won't stand still long enough for us to take stock. Historically? Pierre Cardin, Countess Mara, YSL and Fiorucci have all enjoyed their day in the sun
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Brioni & Ricci quality always appears to be top end and the silks are soo nice

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Ferragamo usually produces high quality patterned ties. Lanvin produces plain ties, one single colour. I like some Dior ties as they are slimmer than the others and sometimes they are more solid.

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I favor Brioni, though this is partially a fit issue as I am fairly tall and fairly thick of neck, so their long and thick ties result in a very nice knot for me, where some ties are just a bit too thin to tie well to my length.

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Some would say Marinella makes the world's best ties.
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 E G Cappelli hands down.  His Challis and Madder especially.  I like his thick interlining, makes a beautiful knot.  Vanda is hard to beat for Summery lite weights. Hobers construction is good, but his cloth selection could b better. IMO

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Tom Ford and Hermes has my vote

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Originally Posted by Mr Engineer View Post

Tom Ford and Hermes has my vote

I've stayed away from Hermes because although their silks are nice I've heard their construction isn't great.
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