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Mabro uomo

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Hi All, What do folks on the forum know about the 'Mabro Uomo' brand?  A store here in DC (Everard's) is selling MTM made by this Italian company.  Thye say that it is a fully-canvassed, but machine-stitched suit and it sells for about $1600 (my prices may be wrong, please correct me if you know better).  Just wanted to know what factory in Italy actually makes Mabro and any opinions as to the quality of their garments. Here is a site with a few scant pics.  The stuff I have seen looks a bit better than those photos.  I also found a site in Italian on 'Italian Style for the American Male' in which I see a Mabro Uomo spokesman use the telltale term 'sfoderato' in reference to one of their suits - I am fairly sure that means 'fused'.   The rest of the sentence is about how the American male may not be ready for more than this, so chauvinists, be warned. Anyhow, would really appreciate some insight on the maker if anyone knows about them. Also, are DC-area folks already familiar with James out in Tysons? I've only visited once, but was wondering if they ever had sales.  They have quite a selection of shirtings - Fray, Attolini, etc.  Seems like if they DO discount it would be worth visiting...
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As a matter of fact, we carry them at our store in Richmond. I don't know about the fused part, I don't think so - but I stick with shoes, not tailored clothing. Our owner liked the line real well, and bought it pretty good. When we were in Italy in March, we planned to see the factory (near Grosseto) but I could'nt hook up with the shoe guy there I wanted to see, so we did'nt go. Anyway, the suits retail for $995.00 and, from what I'm told, are a good value compared to Zegna. However, the customers did'nt think so (or maybe just our salespeople) and they really did'nt sell. We have them all marked down to $799.00 I think. We hang over 3000 suits here, and they sort of got lost in the shuffle.
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On July third when I popped in for my first visit, I could have sworn that James was having a 25% off sale on all shirts (there was a 25% off sign above the shirt cubby holes). Their shirt selection was the best I have ever seen in DC, in quality if not quantity.  Also, the salesperson I spoke to was very nice.  Among other things, he un-pinned a Kiton shirt so that I could look at the shirt in more detail (especially the hand rolled bottom edge), even though I'm 24, was wearing jeans and flip-flops, and pretty much told him I couldn't afford the shirt.
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