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Question for the members:   Does anyone have any experience/opinion on Alexander McQueen suits?  I'd be very interested to hear thoughts on fit, quality, tailoring, style, silhouette, etc.   I've recently seen a bunch of suits of his on various Intenet shopping sites, but they're described with terms such as "full cut," "traditional," "standard," etc.  This surprises me, as what little I know about him would suggest that his stuff would have sleek, modern (if not somewhat funky or unconventional) lines, and anything but "full cut" trousers. I've finally weeded out all of the old Brooks Brothers-style, ill-fitting all-American sack suits that lingered in my closet, and have resolved to buy only British and Italian-style, more modern and stylishly taiilored/silhouetted suits.  So do McQueen suits fit the bill?  Is a "full-cut" McQueen suit still quite sleek and slim (in the same way that a slim-fit Brooks Brothers shirt is actually the same cut as many other shirtmakers' regular shirts)?  Any thoughts?  Your input is much appreciated.