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Watched "Hard to be a God by Aleksei German and "Force Majeure" by Ruben Östlund.


Hard to be a God - Interesting interpretation of pre-psychological culture, surreal, probably not enough gore. Don't think the Middle Ages were as backward as German imagined.


Force Majeure - Manages to recreate the perspective of the intelligent observer as in Haneke's films. Still shots, lots of details in each. I really didn't think the subject was that interesting, kind of a subpar Haneke imitation.


Yeah, I don't know if he is making a blanket statement about the Middle Ages being backwards, but maybe the movie captures a more general feeling of the slow and messy progress of humanity and the many regressions that happen along the way. The movie was much more internally focused on the main character than I expected. Still an interesting movie and impressive cinematography despite how "gross" the movie and its depiction of life was. Definitely looked and felt a lot like Andrei Rublev.

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I just felt the film portrayed a much more primitive kind of human life than the supposed setting, which is an alien world roughly 800 years behind Earth, so the Dark Ages. I think most of it is just German's style. I'm less interested in the mud and bodily fluids than the incomprehensible dialogue, characters constantly going in and out of frame and looking at the camera, the lack of reaction to violence and cruelty, objects constantly blocking the audience's line of sight, and just the generally strange and grotesque behavior of all the characters. My immediate impression of the film after watching it was of a world that had not yet developed an inner life, or psyche, eventually consuming the main character who came from the future, had experienced civilized culture and did possess a psychological state. German has an exceptionally strong aesthetic for portraying such a pre-psychological society. I just found it a little too backward.

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Mad Max...wow, I might be able to say right now in May that this will be my favorite movie of the year. If it is available to you, I highly recommend IMAX 3D. Only wish Mel would of had some sort of cameo

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