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Sympathy for Lady V is good, some very cinematography in it, maybe even better than Oldboy. But overall I felt the story was weaker than Oldboy's and characters less developed, but stylistically it's a great movie. Sympathy for Mr can be skipped though, imo
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Maybe I should rewatch Oldboy. I liked it when it was released but now I can't help but feel it's massively over hyped, but I don't remember enough about the film to know whether I'm wrong or right.

25th Hour might be the best US film of 2002. Great score by Terence Blanchard too.
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At this point I'd agree it is pretty overhyped, but back then when it was released it was really, really good. These days Korean revenge is about as common as superhero movies, and while many of them aren't bad they also aren't incredible. It was really the first movie that broke a lot of Korean cinema to many US movie "buffs" so I think people have a sort of nostalgia about it, at least I know I do.
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I've never had such a powerfully visceral reaction to a movie as I did to Oldboy, the first time.

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25th Hour was not that good, ya'll. Score was good, last quarter was really good, especially the ending, everything leading up to it was boring and pretty uninteresting to me. It seemed to not go anywhere really (maybe it wasn't supposed to since it's only a day, and I guess it did a good job about fleshing out how lives can be changed dramatically in such a short time period) but there were so many subplots introduced and then just swept aside, so many scenes that didn't really seem to add to anything. Entertaining but not nearly as good as I thought it'd be considering how highly you guys spoke of it. And it felt like Hoffman's character could've not even been in the film and it would've been the same. Maybe it was much more "relevant" (not a good word to use, but I can't think of another one) so close to post-9/11, but maybe I'm dense and someone can enlighten me?
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25th Hour was not that good, ya'll. ...And it felt like Hoffman's character could've not even been in the film and it would've been the same.

But have you tried reading it as a piece of music, full of themes and motifs, overtures and refinements? A grand oratorio impelled by the beat of life's most insistent rhythm, the human heart?
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Mud (Jeff Nichols)

Museum Hours (Jem Cohen)

Before Midnight (Richard Linklater)

Nichols is a very down to earth guy that has turned down a lot of studio money. I think he's going to make a lot of good movies over a long period of time.
Linklater- looking forward to Boyhood.
Was watching this (Museum Hours) a few months ago- had no idea Mary Margaret O Hara acted or was the sister of Catherine O Hara. I only knew her as the recording artist of one almost perfect album.
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anyone watches true detective? just saw the first episode and I'm still not sure about it. the case doesn't interest me much, although it seems the core of the series is the two main characters.
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So far, every episode has been better than the previous one, so I'd recommend you to keep watching smile.gif
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Definitely keep watching True Detective. It didn't really hook me until about three episodes in, but the last two episodes are easily some of the best television you'll see. Really great stuff. 

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That long take tho. 

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Saw 3 Days to Kill the other day. Didn't know before the opening credits that Luc Beson wrote the script. It became more and more obvious as the movie went on, but in a fun and enjoyable way. His ability to intertwine high-octane action with off-kilter comedy is unique and appreciated.
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By the way, you fans of True Detective should really listen to The Handsome Family. They did the intro song and it's really, really great alt-country, very southern gothic. Reminds me of walking around these old antebellum cities...
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In other news I rewatched Boogie Nights and Magnolia recently. PTA is so great. I remember the first time I watched Boogie Nights; I went in not knowing anything about it and thought it was gonna be a fun little 70s era comedy about dancing. Man there is some amazing camera work in that film
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Magnolia is magical. I need to watch The Master.
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