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EPH Apparel

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Anyone familiar with this MTM shop?

They are coming to Toronto this weekend for fitting, and I'm thinking about checking it out. The prices seem good for MTM. Just looking for reviews.

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I’m a Winnipeger that recently moved to Toronto, and my experience with eph was really good. My entire wedding party got fitted, and although not everyone's suits fit perfectly (one could aruge that fit is always subjective) but we were able to get custom suits for $329 which is unheard of.  My suit was a bit too slim in the chest but they quicklu reimbursed me for $70 in alterations. The idea of buying off the rack for $400 or custom for $800 is now absurd to me…. Solid service, really good price point, and really friendly.


worth checking them out, they'll bend over backwards to ensure you're happy.


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cool. thanks for the reply.
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