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Poll Results: Who does best emulate his style hero?

Poll expired: Oct 29, 2013 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 39% of voters (28)
  • 19% of voters (14)
  • 4% of voters (3)
  • 4% of voters (3)
  • 2% of voters (2)
  • 5% of voters (4)
    Victor Elfo
  • 18% of voters (13)
    In Stitches/DerekS/SpooPoker
  • 1% of voters (1)
  • 22% of voters (16)
    Thin White Duke
  • 28% of voters (20)
71 Total Votes  
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Everything about that screams baws.
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Thanks for the comments fellas, a few questions / answers / comments:

1. @ Claghorn: I have almost exclusively three button jackets. It’s a mod thing, I came up during the late seventies revival and think that three button jackets – usually hard threes – are easily the best looking and most flattering (at least on me!)

2. Re this week’s fit: I dug out a double breasted to emulate the old man but this suit has long been in the sell / donate / burn cupboard. In colour it’s a dark royal blue worsted wool. Accepting offers!

3. It’s nice to get more than my usual one or two sympathy votes, so thanks for that. @ AwfullyNiceGuy - I’ve thought for a while that my Dad in his youth has a bit of a Don Draper look about him and even thought of DTO-ing DD for this challenge.

4. When people say ‘thanks for the likes and thumbs ups’ what do they mean? I don’t know where to look for these … but of course that could be because I’ve never received any!!

5. I realize that the challenges are just a fun way to get us to be creative and spark debate, so I don’t take my usual dearth of votes to heart, but I did find this week’s poll particularly interesting. My suit got more than the usual votes, and it was suggested that this may be due to the general anti hard three prejudice of SF. But @ flying Monkey, this suit was a 1990s DB six, button one keystone, with extended shoulders, low gorge, no vents and triple pleat trousers. The kind of suit that Oldog might get praise for but few others due to it’s looking so dated. I bet if I posted it in WAYWN it would be met with more derision than praise (but thanks anyway!). Maybe the votes I got were more due to the close approximation to my Dad’s dapper picture than due to the suit itself? I still stand by my preference for the hard three, and find it puzzling/amusing that they are so unpopular with SF. Certain posters seem able to stick to their stylistic guns to the point where their non-consensual preferences are overlooked (Oldog’s loose fitting DBs, Stitches’ pocket square refusal, Claghorn’s high button point jackets, Holdfast’s shiny ties, etc.) whereas, even allowing for the fact that my execution may well be far short of that of my aforementioned esteemed colleagues, I wonder if some voters just see three buttons and say “naah – aint voting for that!” no matter how decent the rest of the outfit may be.

Anyway a fun challenge as usual, and interesting debate. I’m off to dig out some jeans for this week. See you on Friday!
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I like hard threes as well. Unfortunately, I'm only 178cm and am a bit short for that look. I've come to accept this; I wonder if my appreciation for a higher buttoning point comes from missing hard threes. I still have a few in my rotation, but when I wear them I tend to leave the top button undone these days. Probably the effect of SF groupthink.

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And you're a better man for it, Clags. biggrin.gif
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TWD, are you viewing on a mobile device? If so, you can't see the likes/thumbs.
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TWD, fwiw, while people have kind of come to terms with my non-PS wearing ways, I do think that it affects how my fits are viewed, and I am totally fine with that.

Stick with what you like, that's the most important thing.
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