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Samuelsohn completes purchase of Hickey-Freeman assets

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This move has saved HF and maybe bring them back to what they once was. A good start would be to put back some hand-work into the garment.
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I'm not familiar with the brand, but isn't it Samuelsohn that sources some of their fabrics from North Korea? Seem to remember a couple of threads about it in CM.
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Are hickey suits stil undarted? I think adopting a more classical fit with higher armholes, darted waists, softer shoulders, and a lower button stance could sell better. (Think Zegna Mila) The hickey line and the Sterling Collection just aren't cutting it.

Their fabrics and canvas construction are certainly worthy of attention. Now if they could just tweak the fit to be more like Samuelsohn or Zegna.

I could care less about hand stitching. Just make a better fitting suit
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What's interesting is that Samuelsohn and Hickey Freeman are two very similar companies.  Their production methods seem quite similar (i.e. they laser cut, machine and hand stitch) and Samuelsohn obviously hopes to do with Hickey what they have done with their own brand in Canada.   Samuelsohn offers a made to measure service so the fit issue probably won't be a major problem anymore. I know here in Canada most of Samuelsohn's business is done made to measure now with a few samples in store for people to look at. In the higher price point, made to measure seems to be the way to go and Hickey will probably adopt that now. So, jrd617 I'll bet you'll see the made to measure model and Samuelsohn's slightly more tapered English cut penetrating into Hickey Freeman.

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A good first post Chipster, and welcome to Styleforum. Long live Samuelsohn.
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