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Need some style tips.

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I'd like to do a bit of a overhaul on my current wardrobe.  I don't know if I should post a picture or not.  I'm 6"0 about 185 pounds, oblong face, dirty blonde hair, slightly balding (but not super noticeable[slow fade]), i'm fairly light skinned.  I'll have to do it on shoe string budget going to used clothing stores (for the most part, might splurge for a nice jacket.)  Not looking for anything to outrageous, though I am really digging the color red.


Anyways i'm open to help.  Thanks fellas.  BTW I heard these fashion forums can be pretty brutal with trolling and stuff, so spare me please. :)

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Well, not if you post in a non-style section, because then they just ignore you smile.gif If you post with pictures or at least a description of your life situation (age and approximate location included) and your current wardrobe, replies are likely.
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Aweesome . That would be great ! Thanks dude . :)

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