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Does anyone know of any good resources for figuring out what "your colors" are?

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Trying to figure out what my colours are. What I should be wearing the most to make me look good, what I should be avoiding at all costs, and what I can wear for variety without looking too silly. There are so many ties and shirts I want to wear, but I'd rather like to avoid the ones that make me look terrible, and as I do a lot of my shopping online (from places I know where I know how the fit is), I often have no chance to look at the color and hold it against my skin to see.

Looking for input on both my colors specifically, and any resources where I can find out.

My complexion and haircolor are pretty close to Dicaprio in this picture, only difference is that my eyes are darker and sort of right between blue and green

So if anyone has a good tip on either what my colors are based on picture and description, or if anyone can direct me to where I can find out, I would very much appreciate it.
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Are you colorblind? If so, this will be difficult.


Do you know any women you can ask about this? Women put a lot of thought into "their colors," because they tend to wear much bolder colors than men.


That's another important point: classic men's clothing can be done pretty well even if one ignores color. You can do a lot with a relatively limited color palette.


If you're extremely pale, you shouldn't wear really dark colors (obviously no black suits, but aim for lighter shades of gray and navy), and white shirts are most effective either at night, or on a person with some color to their face. Even DiCaprio, there, is a little washed out by his white shirt and would look better with a light blue.


Don't forget that the idea of wearing flattering colors only applies above the waist. Wear whatever you want below the waist.


That might be a bit basic. Now, in terms of more practical advice: I don't buy ties online, because I need to see them. My taste in shirts is pretty orthodox, and I'm buying basics, so I don't concern myself with unusually-colored shirts -- I'm relatively secure that I'll look fine in another light blue pinpoint. I won't buy anything extreme online.

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Originally Posted by The Silverfox View Post

Trying to figure out what my colours are.


First off, it's worth pointing out there are two schools of thought on whether your complexion/colour matters in terms of the colours of clothes you wear, or not. Personally, I think it does matter a fair amount for most people, and it matters a lot for a few people with particularly tough complexions (e.g. the very pale and those with sallow skin). But you will get some people suggesting it doesn't matter at all. This, you can decide for yourself.


If you think it matters, there are then two ways of deciding what colours work well for you. There are colour consultants who will look at you, sometimes take some photos/meter readings and then tell you what goes well for you. The quality of answer you get depends on the quality of the consultant; sometimes they're good, sometimes they're not. A couple of friends got their colours done in this way, and the answers were certainly correct for them in terms of flattering their skin tone.


The other way is trial & error, using your own eye to judge success. Depending on your eye, this is a more erratic and slower process, but can lead to success. For example, I've gradually weeded out certain shades that I learnt look off on me (mainly pastels but also certain muddy greens/browns/yellows) in favour of going either much paler or more saturated. You can start the learning process simply by looking in a mirror and holding up various coloured clothes against you and seeing what pattern emerges in terms of which colours flatter (and which don't). Taking photos of yourself in different outfits and looking (critically) at the results also helps tune your eye in.


You mention buying a lot online; I'm afraid this will always be prone to chance as few shops take colour accurate photos.

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Alan Flusser covers this well in Style And The Man.  

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Heh no I'm not colorblind, I just find that I have a good eye for matching together colors and patterns, but I find that I often don't take myself into account, so I'll be wearing someting which I love on it's own, only to notice that it makes me look old, tired and washed out. Slight exaggeration there, but you know what I mean.

I'm with you on the shirt front, but the shirts I like I can't get where I live, so it's internet or nothing. I mostly go for blues as they're always appropriate and I feel they look quite good on me too, but it'd be cool to expand the selection of things I can safely order.

As for ties, it'd be great to see everything, but I'm 6'4 so it makes sense to get them bespoke from Sam Hober rather than buying them much too short from a store. I get swatches of course, but if it's a "bad color" I find you can't always tell from just a small swatch held next to the face. And also, this whole thing is so subtle that I can't necessarily tell right away, I just notice over time that I look pastier etc than I do in other colors. It'd be really great if I could get a more comprehensive list of what would work without needing the trial and error.

Regarding consultants, how much do they usually charge, and how long does it take?
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Originally Posted by Av8or View Post

Alan Flusser covers this well in Style And The Man.  

I already have Dressing the Man, which touches on it, but focuses more on the degree of contrast etc than on the actual colors. Is this dealt with more extensively in Style and The Man?

And a more general question of Style and The Man, if I already have Dressing The Man as well as Bernhard Routzel's Gentleman, is it worth it getting Style and The Man, or will there just be repetition of the other ones?
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Color consultants work fast. They're not reliable, though, especially for men (since probably all formal color consultations are done by women). This company doesn't do colors per se, but it gives advice re that as part of image consultations, and it's cheap.
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Originally Posted by YRR92 View Post

Do you know any women you can ask about this? Women put a lot of thought into "their colors," because they tend to wear much bolder colors than men.

I find most women to be pretty terrible at this, they're just more enthusiastic and confident than men. The only girl I knew who I was actually impressed with stylistically was a girl from Tokyo I dated a while back. Makeup was stunning. Then again maybe I just hang around the wrong women.

To the OP, I'd say matching colors to complexion is only part of the battle. You have to balance that with flattering your body type, having the different pieces flatter themselves, AND make a nod to current fashion. The complexion part is extremely difficult, and every resource or 'advice' about finding 'your colors' I've found on the net has been hopelessly vague and unhelpful. Over the years I've just settled with neutrals and natural tones.... at the end of the day if you can't tell a difference, say whether between light gray or beige, then few other people probably could either. What's most important for me is to have dark bottoms, my thighs and hips are way to chunky to be inflated by bright or light colored pants.

I do like the idea of a color consultant, but where the hell would you find one?
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