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Getting married, important suit choice. Need help.

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I am getting married in a few months and looking to get a new suit for the occasion. It's not a traditional wedding (church, tuxedo etc) so I am taking this opportunity to buy a suit than I can wear again in the future. I have a few ok suits, well maybe Ok is being generous as they are all Calvin Klein collection and Joseph Abboud and likely fused. But I have a great tailor who used to work for Oxxford here in Chicago, and he has made sure they fit really well. So...the choices I have narrowed it down to so far are:


1. Fully custom made suits with said former Oxxford tailor, fully canvassed, s120 wool. $1,200. It's at the very end of my price range and although this is by far the best option, I have somewhat resigned myself to spending the money elsewhere. Mainly getting the fiancé a better ring. I probably shouldn't include this on the list because I have pretty much decided against it due to cost; but I'd still like to get feedback in relation to the other two options.


2. Benjamin sartorial. Fully canvassed. $525. Have my tailor make adjustments (probably an additional $80 or so...he's very reasonable). This suit choice is based on feedback on these and other forums. It was that or suit supply. But for the same money I am looking at half canvassed and probably the same amount for alterations.


3. A local custom tailor is offering half off tailoring services (through living social). He only has 3 reviews on yelp (all 5 stars). Seems a young lad (mid to late twenties), which for some reason makes me nervous. His half canvas custom suits start at $800. But he's doing $900 for $450 right now. His full canvassed customs start at $1200 (effectively $750 because of the discount). I have exchanged a few emails with him and he says he usually only requires one fitting. So is this essentially MTM with a professional fitting? I'm not sure if I should be wary of this or not. Here is a link to his site:


I am open up to other suggestions. Gilt recently had a Martin Greenfield sale going on, and I often see Hickey Freeman's on there. However, I've been wary of the quality of these suits compared to their usual level. People have suggested these are specially made for gilt and are not reflective of the true quality one would expect from these brands. So I've given Gilt and Myhabit a wide berth for now.


My budget is ideally in the $500 to $750 range. At a push I could do a little more. Thanks so much.

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Out of curiosity, since you mentioned an upper limit for your budget and said you'd rather put the remaining money into a ring, does your suit budget match your fiancee's dress budget?


Most couples I know spend 5 to 10 times for the bride's dress than for the groom's suit which seems odd when you consider the dress will be worn once and the suit could potentially be a wardrobe staple.

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Our budgets are pretty comparable. She's spending about $500 on her dress including alterations. She's also buying a dress that she can wear again in the future. It's not a white wedding. There is no formal seating. We've rented a reception lounge at a nice hotel, so it's all sofas and low tables etc. We will marry there, and then have some Hors d'oeuvres and an open bar for the assorted family and friends. Very laid back, just as we want it. Neither of us are religious and neither of us see the point in spending a fortune on a one day event with little left to show for it. So it's sort of a reception which happens to include an exchanging of the vows.


I scheduled a fitting at the third link I posted. Going to have a look and feel of his stuff and a chat with him to see how I feel about his work etc. Need to get the process going because we marry in 7 weeks. I was thinking of going with a dark blue glen plaid or dark blue with some sort of texture to it.

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My advice is to try to find a decent suit RTW. Option 3 is too inexpensive for even a quality MTM suit. Besides, three positive reviews on Yelp could be meaningless- they might be relatives.
I used to live in Chicago but mainly shopped in New York- says something, doesn't it?. You might wish to check out Paul Stuart- too expensive, no doubt. But if you find a model that you like, you might find it, or last year's version, online at a greatly reduced price Also, if your wedding plans take you past Christmas, you could benefit from post holiday discounts. good luck
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Thanks. I had scheduled a fitting with the tailor on Wednesday, but now feel like I should probably hold off.

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Check out Suit Supply on Rush since you're in Chicago.
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