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Culling the Shoe Collection: stay or go?

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Hello SF,
First post here and would really appreciate the group consensus on which pairs of shoes may be a bit dated, etc and should be parted with. Ive had some of these since 1990. Ive got my ideas of which should go but lets see what you say. Many thanks in advance.

1. Paul Stuart brown loafer
2. Churchs cap toe lace up
3. Grenson black loafer
4. Paul Stuart black loafer
5. Brooks Bros tassel burgundy loafer
6. Brooks Bros black lace up
7. Giorgio Brutini black wingtip
8. Antica Courier suede wingtip
9. Brooks Bros suede lugsole
10. Brooks Bros Chelsea boot with Dainite sole
11. Alden Indy boot

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Id cull 1, 6 and 9. Maybe 4 too as I only see the need for one pair of black pennies and 3 are so much nicer.
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Thanks J. I certainly agree with the choice of 9 and 4. But I just like number 1 so much- really nice shoe, just might be a bit too out of style for now. Was also thinking the tassel loafer might go.
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Why let go?
if you like them keep and maintain them.
Id brush the suede's ... that's it!

Dated is in the eye of the beholder, and what you use them with ...

I have regretted giving away shoes to the salvation army etc ...
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It seems a very odd first question, clearly you have accumulated them and maintained them so what has changed?

However, why get rid of any? If you like them, wear them.

Few will look that closely at your feet.
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I would replace all your loafers. Also not a big fan of your Chelsea boots.
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1-4-6-9 should go. The rest are classic styles/lines that won't go out of style
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The people seem to agree on which look worst, but wear also should be considered. Any with badly worn soles (except maybe the Church's, if they're high-quality) should go, and those with iffy soles and iffy looks also should go. Edit: also consider fit, especially because feet often expand over the decades - there's no reason to hold onto footwear that doesn't fit well.
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Which ones haven't you worn this year? Those should probably be at the top of your "Might want to cull these" list.

Otherwise, if they fit you, they're in decent condition (or can be easily restored to such condition), and you choose to wear them at least once in a while, keep them.

BTW, a similar system can be used to determine which suits, sport coats, pants, sweaters, etc., should be culled/kept.
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What size are you? I could help you cull #4. I agree that #3 is a nicer looking loafer, but I need a casual basic black penny loafer.
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Thanks for all the replies/comments SFers. I agree with most of the comments, and yes wear is a major consideration. #4, 5, 9 are in the worst shape. Ive had the burgundy tassels since 1989. The suede BB's are so comfy its hard to part even though they are pretty worn. Im suprised #1 made many a list- its such a pretty shoe, in great condition (I think I wore it maybe 20 times in the late 1990s) and just to me looks 'sharp'. But yes has a for lack of a better description, pilgrim shoe look. And Im a size 7.5-8 for southbound above:) thanks gents.
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GO: 1,4,6, & 9

I like: 2,3 & 5

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Originally Posted by fili123 View Post

And Im a size 7.5-8 for southbound above:)

Thanks for the consideration. Alas, I am a 8.5-9.
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