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What is everybodys style on the forum?

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I just wanted to know everyones style on the forum. Would you consider your self to be preppy, urban, trendy, or rock and roll?
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I hate to categorize myself, but I guess that urban casual (very typical around here, I'm afraid) is pretty close to being the truth. A typical day consists of jeans and an untucked slim button-up shirt, some funky kicks, and Euro-glasses.
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I'm more business. I'm a consultant, so I'm always in a suit when I'm with clients, or I'm in "Italianized" business casual (i.e., always wearing some Brioni, Zanella, Dunhill, Canali, etc. wool or linen slacks and mercerized cotton shirts) when I'm just at the office. Even in casual settings I project a more professional image (I'm always selling myself and my expertise regardless of what I'm doing 'cause reputation is everything in my business) and usually wear the same business casual style. Jeans and shorts are just for around the house, in the yard, or by the pool.
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I seem to remember that there was a thread of similar ideas a while back. Anyways my style is somewhat of a dandyish or foppsih look. Actually my personal attire can be rather schizophrenic. I can go from Prada uniformity to Etro paisley, to Anglo eccentric to Versace decadence. All in all I like the Anglo eccentric look with some personal variations.
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I was just looking at the Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2004 shows, and it seems that Tom Ford and Stephano and Domenico have been ripping off my style, that is to say, typical L.A. casuals, for the coming year. If you want to see a pretty typical example of what I'd rock at a club, check out the first 10 outfits in the Gucci slideshow at As a matter of fact, I have a couple of vintage suede western style shirt-jackets (you can buy them at any number of used western-wear and vintage shops in L.A.) that are dead ringers for the jackets shown by Tom Ford. In the day, my style is more like that of Dolce & Gabbana's show, i.e. the jeans are somewhat looser and lighter colored and probably more distressed, and I generally skip the jacket, unbutton the shirt, and wear sunglasses or tinted glasses when going outdoors. And I wear sneakers nearly exclusively in the daytime. I actually try to get away with sneakers 24/7, but even in L.A., some clubs won't allow them.
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