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Over the last 2 years I have noticed that the runway, as well as some off the shelf designers, were employing a much higher waist line. Pants are sitting significantly higher and the fly has been "˜extended'. This is evident in the latest Mui Mui and Versache collections. [I know they are by no means "˜quality' designers, bun none the less they do respond to general trends.] Basically the underlying message of his post is a complaint about having difficulty finding a nice pair of dress pants.... Anyone else notice this?
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Of course now if its too high for you , you can always go the way of DSquared... Any lower and someone is gonna get arrested for indecent exposure. Ugh... JJF
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All my favorites are still using lower waist lines: Dior Homme, Jil Sander, Helmut Lang. However, if you note the appearance and obsession over low rise pants among GAP, Express, Abercrombie, you know that it's about time the trend dies. Although I am sick of seeing the pancakes falling off the platter, so to speak, I have to say I am addicted to low-rise pants on slender women. I guess I have thing for hip bones.
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Higr ise pants are quite flattering to the male figure, as long as he has a figure that can wear them. The tall, slim men on the runway are not representive of the general male figure. As such, the selling techniques of the stye houses, I think, takes advantage of the male who looks at them and thinks he can be the same. Add a little belly into the equation and you have two alternatives. Let the high rise trousers fall down and create a bunch in your lower crutch (a belt will not hold these pants in place) or where suspenders.
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i find that although i do have the figure, this artificial waist line is still hard to uphold. it looks very unnatural and forced. i do not advocate low rise, but a standard, average waist line. that's all.
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Is it an attempt to go back to the time when pants were made for braces, because the higher they sat, the better the drape of the pants? Of course, the pants you're refering to probably don't have brace buttons. Is it maybe the Hollywood waist look that's coming back?
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