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ok gents, im out til saturday night. looking forward to seeing more good fits from team usa. ok, and from team furriner as well.

also, as i am not the OP, the voting will have to be in another thread. unless spoo wants to make the poll, and im pretty sure he doesnt. so i will link the voting thread as soon as i collect the fits, separate the teams, and get the polls set up.
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But I want to be on the winning team frown.gif
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then post something unassailable for team usa.
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Victor... oh Victor...  VICTOR - GET OVER HERE AND POAST THAT FIT!!! :slayer:

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When in the course of sartorial events it becomes necessary for one people to establish the supremacy of the garments which have connected them with others and to assume among the powers of the well dressed, the superior and dominant station to which the Laws of Style and Nature of The Eternal Tailor entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of StyleForum-kind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to their domination.

Or something like that.




photo IMG_6338_zps8b47f277.jpg
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
photo IMG_6339_zpsf8f5ce78.jpg
photo IMG_6343_zpsb1eea886.jpg
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There's no rule saying the wearer of the outfit must post it in this thread. So, if you see a fit you like from this week, you might want to post it here. Just sayin...
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Sorry for the grainy pics, I know it isn't gonna help team USA's cause, but it was too dark outside. About to head into town for a few drinks.


Only the shot without me wearing it does the shirt any justice, the rest are so overexposed you can't see the texture. :(






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I'm not sure if this is helping or hurting the cause.  USA.    



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My humble entry for the 'Merikuns, and I'd appreciate it if both photos are included in the voting.

Navy blazer, red and white striped OCBD (for the flag, of course!), khakis, vintage Florsheim longwings, red white and blue tie.

But wait, there's more!

Yes, that blazer has Liberty Bell buttons. The tie clip says "Honest Abe" on the handle and "The Rail Splitter" on the axe head. Patriotic Lincoln memorabilia! As a bonus, it belonged to my grandfather, who was a high ranking bureaucrat in Civil Defense back in the day. The "spent a lot of time at the Greenbrier resort starting in the late 50s" kind of high ranking.

Anyway, USA! USA!
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I have a U.S. passport that is burgundy. Figure THAT one out. :slayer:

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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

you reside in the US as your primary residence now yes? if so, you are on team murikan.



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In Lagos, Nigeria for a month 


but I guess I'm Murican according to the rules






America, the land where our dicks spit fire!!!

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Suck it you filthy furriners! It is a suit if you are wondering and the fit is impeccable.

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In other words, it somehow manages to encompass your donut bloated All-American gut?

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