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Hello Ladies (HBO)

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Aired the 3rd episode last Sunday. I am really enjoying this show. Steve Merchant's height and accent only add to effectiveness of this character. Really funny. The first episode is available on youtube:
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will have to check it out. big fan of merchant (and ricky)
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lol, i hope the rest of the episodes are as funny as the first one
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Love the Intro:

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And the ending credits song too: hadn't heard "kiss you all over" in maybe 5 years.
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damn great show. 1st episode was harsh, funny but i had to stop it a couple times to exhale during some of the "awkward" scenes. episodes 2 and 3 are better so if youre into any of previous gervais, merchant work youll also like this. and damn i love the soundtrack
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Guess what this Casanova's got planned later? He's taking her out in a bloody limousine.
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oh for fucks sake!
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My fiance thinks I'm obsessed with the show. In the scene on the bench near the Hollywood sign - just Merchant's face with those glasses and grin is hilarious.

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Lol, throws away flower
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Just watched episode 4. great writing in this episode, love the story and the way each episode ends with a melancholy feeling, provoked by the perfect music selection.

Really hoping this show gets picked up soon
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Very good show. Cringeworthy watching that makes you care about the leads is hard to do.



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episode 7 may be the best one yet. typical cringe inducing scenes but with a few redeeming scenes. i guess you could call it a breakthrough for stuart
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My brother keeps recommending this show. I'm going to give it a try. I like Merchant on the Ricky Gervais Podcast.

Related: I had high hopes for "Derek" by Ricky Gervais but wasn't that into it in the end—though it was awesome to see Karl Pilkington acting.
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Love the show. It's one thing to have a really well written show, but it's another to have a really well written show that flows so smoothly that it never feels "over-written" if you know what I mean.

Going back and rewatching episodes makes you fully appreciate the writing.

It's hilarious and cringe-worthy like Curb Your Enthusiasm but with a large dose of empathy and a really nice study on modern loneliness (I.e. constantly connected yet alone).
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