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please id my levis!

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I have a pair of Levis that are defying identification. I bought them between 2000 and 2003 in a thrift store and the care tag has come off and the brown leather Levis square on the back has no model bomber (501 etc) on it. There is a thin rectangular label on the inner waist that says "Levi's red tab quality clothing SFCA". Other than that no markings. There is a second st of smaller belt loops behind the normal belt loops making me think these are women's jeans. Any help would beaappreciated. As you can see from the images, these jeans are deeply loved and I am anxious to get another pair or 5. Thanks.

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501's are the only jeans that levis make with a button fly. However they are definately a special edition with the real leather patch, and the double belt loops so they could have a special cut as well. I would go to the your nearest department store and try on a pair of 501's to see if the cut the same. If it is, i think these jeans are about as close as your gonna get
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