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Their stuff is very popular amongst high school and college kids, not sure it has a real place outside of that crowd.

I am 25 and over the last 5 years or so have gotten a handful of VV items as gifts (hat, shirts, salmon colored shorts, polo, crookies, ties, swim trunks, etc.). I have generally been disappointed with their quality, though they do occasionally have items which are "fun" for a bit. I think you can get similar items of higher quality elsewhere.

The one thing of theirs which I like the most are the swim shorts I got, they have a nice pattern and compare well to my more expensive vilebrequin shorts. I've been pretty happy with them.
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How do you guys feel about the quality? In relation to Brooks Brothers, Lacoste, and Polo Ralph Lauren.
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I have a polo from VV that has held up pretty well, at least as well as my PRLs. Can't compare them to Lacoste or BB becuase the only polos I have from these places I haven't had very long.
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Okay thanks man.
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the brand is now part of PVH(phillips-Van Husen) they own lots of middle of the road brands.
production is handled by the devil, Li &fung. Li & fung is know for producing basic boring clothing in huge numbers for as low as possible.

so quality is solid, fabrics and trim are mediocre,but really nothing to get excited about.
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Yeah, I think I would rather buy BB and PRL, from a quality standpoint.
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Originally Posted by Shirtmaven View Post

the brand is now part of PVH(phillips-Van Husen) they own lots of middle of the road brands.

Didn't know this bit. I'm sure Ian and Shemp cashed out (and quite quietly at that). Thanks for the info, as always, Carl.
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That sell out sort of ruins their cheeky upstart status. Of course most of the people buying the clothes don't really care who owns the company, but it does change my opinion.
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