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High Quality Chinos / Khaki Options

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I've been looking for a good pair of khakis for several years with a good heavy material for fall/spring.  I perused this forum and thought BR Emerson would be a nice option, however the quality is not very good. The material is on the thin side, the threads around the pockets gave way and overall I was not impressed.


Fit is another challenge.  I really wanted to like the Brooks Brothers vintage khakis but they only offer sizes where your leg size = waist size or where your waist > your legs.  I'm looking for something ideally in a 31" waist, 33" inseam which is rare so I tend to have a lot of 32" waist pants or 32/34 inseam pants.



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Originally Posted by Concordia View Post

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+1 on Bills. Unis and Albam are great options as well
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+2 Biils I also like LL Bean.
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On the Bills front, I fit best in the M2P, even though I don't usually prefer reverse pleats. The M1Ps are VERY spacious. Not at all bad for shorts, however. But in general, if you want room in the legs, it is a good shop to look around in.
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I had a pair of Bill's but didn't like them

Howard Yount has much nicer fabrics and cut. Made by Hertling (USA models)
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I'll add that I'm looking for narrow hips and regular leg fit (no super-slim or carrot pants).  Just classic pants that fit well.


I wonder about the Bill's fit and if they are good for narrow hips.  I've tried on far too many khaki's that my first thought is MC Hammer pants.  I'm looking through the Bill's site, especially the M3 but how to they fit around the pockets and rear?


I do have a pair of LLBean cargos and they fit ok (use them for dog walks and mowing the lawn).  For a classier pant, it looks like I may have to look to the Signature line, perhaps the Thomaston?


SuitSupply also has some that don't look horrible.  I don't think I would roll up the cuffs though:


Bill's Khaki's M3, worried that the hip room is too much:


BB Milano Fit Vintage are the right look, but no fit options since you apparently need a waist size greater than you leg size:


I'll have to check out Unis, Albam, and Howard Yount later since I'm not familiar with them.

Thanks for all the help and leads!

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Which is the best slim fit chinos in your opinion, regardless of price?

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Howard Yount is excellent considering its incredible value.

Unis are also a great option.

On a more obscure note, try the international Rakuten site for Buzz Rickson/Real Mccoy's take on the original WWII officer's chinos. Outstanding fabric and construction with a sweet cut.
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GAP lived ins are the best khakis ever!!!!

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How does Incotex compare with these? Are there better options?

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