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Hi Matthew,

I am not disputing your negative experiences but I confess to maintaining my reservations. The reason is that I too own watches from both brands and I can confirm that the build quality is on par with the Rolex seemingly being the more capable of withstanding daily abuse; I couldn't choose between the two. The movements are also tough as nails with the Rolex being by far the more accurate of the two.

Regarding the lug issues you mentioned, Rolex (as well as Omega) are mass produced, machine made products. Therefore, the possibility of the lugs being different sizes is very small indeed and would most likely affect early adapters and an entire batch as such a problem would be attributed to problematic production machinery. The problem with this is firstly, that there are no early adapters of Rolex watches (well except, perhaps, last year) and secondly, the brand's QA is pretty stringent although, admittedly, not perfect.

As far as servicing goes, I had nothing but problems since my Speedmaster came back from the Omega Service Centre (through the Omega boutique in Bond St.). The watch had to be taken back twice to rectify servicing errors; at one point I was horrified to see water in the case! And the damn thing was never submersed.

I do agree with your assessment of the Omega watches regarding their attention to detail; it is surprisingly high for watches of their price range.

Lastly and unrelated to your case, I would like to add that I have spoken to many people who had problems with their Rolexes. Most of them bought them second-hand for "600 quid mate" and have never been anywhere near a service centre.

Instep, I see where you're comming from but given the question emakris asked my personal experiences are relavent to my feelings/observations.

I have had bad experiences with Rolex and nothing but positive with Omega which is why, combined with a massive disparity in price I find Rolex to be overpriced and not worth the money.

To a few of emakris' points I find both brands wear about the same daily (Omega's seem like they wear more because they used milled parts vs Rolex stamped earlier on, now with both using milled they show scratches equally), and the ETA base in my Omega is one I would reard just as robust if not moreso than the 31XX series in my Sub given the rotor arbor being of the smaller diameter, but that is a tiny point....the cal 8500 movement seems amazing but is too new to tell.

As for my watches, I have bought them all new, the last two of them from retail dealers local to me, the first I purchased from a highly reputable grey dealer (though it is funny that everyone always presumes at first that my watches must have been used or even worse fake).

Rolex serviced Explorer themselves and made it worse, and the Sub I wrote them a letter as I didn't want to deal with warranty service again, they replied back that finish differences are to be expected given that they supposedly hand finish a million plus watches a year, I had bumped into a few others online that witnessed similar finishing oops on their watches from around the same time period which makes me think it was a batch issue. To be fair though, on the Datejust I presumed it was bad finish work when I saw the lug finish but when compared to my Explorer and Sub I figured it was normal, with the Sub there is a variance (one lug is brushed down a little more) but it is a slight variance, so slight I didn't notice it in the store and only after a few months of wear did I notice it....I could see others never seeing it.

So while on the whole individual expereinces don't mean much statistacally or to the company, they are valuable in seeing owner opinions and experiences.

Emakris, Sorry to hear about your Speedy issue but virtually everyone in the watch community knows that the two best ways to get your Omega fixed is either to know a local watchmaker that specializes on Omega or to send it back directly to Bienne.