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what do you guys think of vans and converse?

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For myself, my first pairs of sneakers were Pro Keds a long time ago! For old school sneakers, I like Adidas and Pumas. I just never wrapped my mind around Vans or Converse and kind of think of them as hipster/yuppie shoes...maybe my prejudice?


EDIT: I should add that Vans are big in California, so maybe they are more authentic there

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I'm pretty conservative when it comes to my wardrobe so I stick to white Converse Purcells.  Classic look that goes with a bunch of stuff.  I stay away from colored variations.  

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Ha - Hipster and Yuppie ... funny.


I think that both brands are around for a long, long time and their classic styles to me are more timeless that hippster. Agree that the classic styles go with a lot of casual stuff so you can't go wrong but you also are not wearing anything that draws attention - They are a pretty safe and versatile choice.


I have to admit that I do like some of the collaborations (e.g. Cabourn with Converse, Diemme, EG with Vans) that are so trendy right now with all sneaker makers, but they can be hit and miss and they have to cater to your own tastes. Those are probably more towards hipster land but then again, this is styleforum, correct? Bring it on, hipsters:)



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I wear my blue chucks between 3 and 7 days each week.  They're my second pair; replaced a pair of red ones I got for a 10th Doctor Hallowe'en costume.  When they wear out, I'll get a new pair, but might change up the colour.  I also designed a custom pair of them, and my wife and I wear them with branded work uniforms for my company at trade shows, etc.  As you can see, they're not stylish per se - though that isn't the point.  People are always asking how we got ones with our names on them.  They're supposed to get people's attention, especially the young athletes that are my target market.

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Wow about the blue chucks! Thanks for all the insights...I know, I had some strange prejudice about Vans and Converse...but I got an open mind, too ;-)

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