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I'm buying a Balmain jacket but can't decide between 3. Vote on which you like better or rate each individually. Feel free to bash them if you hate them but give reasons.








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2nd is trash in real life. Leather is AllSaints quality. No no no!


I would go with 1st. But frankly not a fan of any Balmain outwear piece from this season, except one shearling jacket!

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That actually helps a lot. I live in the Midwest so I don't have access to any stores that sell Balmain so I can't see the pieces in person. I think #3 is really cool but apparently it's made in Romania...I don't think that's common for Balmain? Does anyone know the quality of it?

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I can tell that this season the quality is not as it was, Balmain is going Givenchy way, while they are not increasing prices like crazy, they do tend to lower the quality, e.g. YKK zippers instead of Lampo ones.

Now they produce most of their Leathers in Turkey, while previously that was correct only for a cheaper items (cheaper in Balmain terms of course)


3rd looks good, but just not for my taste – this long V-neck is good for an evening event, but for casual day by day use – it looks bit too feminine to me. U need to try such things before you buy, but for me – first will be good with both casual and dressy, and will go good with nearly anything!


You don't like any other outwear pieces this season?

What size are you?


Personally I start buying pieces from past collections I missed those season! Just bought 2 leather jackets -  from ss13 and from ss12. And leather pants from fw12. Quality is nowhere near what they are offering now!

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