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Teen guy wardrobe?

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Hey everyone,

I'm Matt, a teen guy from California. I'm a generally formal dresser, I don't like wearing T-Shirts and shorts out. I wanted some new ideas to mix up my wardrobe. I like wearing collared shirts and jeans, and I generally enjoy dressing up. How can I dress more formally while still "fitting in?" I would love to wear some slim jeans with a dressy shirt, tie, and jacket of some sort when I go out but I can't figure out how to do it without looking tacky or "too grown up." I've saved up and bought myself some Gucci loafers and an Armani slim black tie, and I seldom wear them now! What would you consider a good look for a tall, decent build teen guy?


Also, are Diamond Supply Co., Supreme, and Bape too mainstream and "hypebeast" to wear?



Thank you very much!


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dude, just go browse the forum, check the waywt thread. in one week, your perception will change.

and yes diamond, supreme = trash. makes you look like an immature boy prick.

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grap the stuff you want !! more collections to come!

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