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No jeans for Thom Browne. Only shorts, er...slacks.
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Originally Posted by Eric Stoner View Post
I have 9 pairs.

Last year was all about Nudie, this year i've gone all repro.

Current rotation -
SC '47's, most week days
LVC '33 & Edwin ed-47, weekends

I've become fascinated by Kato recently (, the design and methods of production, etc. I've got to somewhere find about £200 to get a pair though which i'm finding hard to justify.

good jean Kato

Current rotation
kato 20sp 02a 3 to 4 days a week
kato P-49117 nep denim rest of the time

found Kato' about four years ago, and have worn nothing else ever since

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kmw rocker (is rocking my world) regular ralf dry selvage apc new standards cheap monday alive & dry a few pairs of diesel and edwins.
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Nothing special. 2 Diesel, 1 AF, 1 DKNY, 1 Lucky, 1 R&B, 1 Guess (which I paint in). For you math majors that's 7 how many legs is that?
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So far, listed from slimmer fit to more relaxed: Skull 501xx Somet Black Straight APC NS SDA 103 PBJ xx-005 oh, and non premium (not raw, selvedge - however you wanna label it): apc cure faded black /grey acne max blackness nudie regular ralf levis 506 levis 502 (pretty horribly distressed but really nice fit)
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In rotation:

Samurai S3000VX
Samurai S510XX 21oz
Iron Heart 1634
Dry Bones Guitar Wolf

Sentenced to thrift shop banishment:

Lucky Brand Santa Cruzer
Lucky Brand 181
RL G.I.V.E. jean
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Originally Posted by evilgeniusdan View Post
No jeans for Thom Browne. Only shorts, er...slacks.

Thom Browne had a pair of jeans and a denim jacket for SP 07
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My slightly updated collection:


Gap Gough
SExIH01BK Overdye
PBJ XX-007
KMW AWA 1950
Somet Slim 008
Skull S5010XX
LVC 1906 "Bunkhouse" 501
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i'm currently working on a pair of Nudie SJDJ, and i wear my Capital E hesher when the weather's bad.

planning on getting a pair of APC NS, but i'm not sure if it'll be too slim fitting.
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in recent memory i own about 6 designer pairs. AG is my fav.
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1 pair apc new cures (rarely if ever wear) 1 pair black ring black coated skinnies (wear with certain outfits) 1 pair apc grey cures (wear a good amount) 1 pair j lindenberg black raws (don't wear all that much) 1 pair tim hamilton x uniqlo grey jeans (just got but i really like the color) 1 pair tim hamilton bright blue jeans (haven't worn yet and not sure if i'm gonna keep as they're a bit big) different from my last post here since the thread is so old
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Uh: APC NS Self edge x Imperial Black Earnest Sewn Fulton Next pair probably gonna be some Flathead or Somet probably.
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Thread Starter 
I posted this thread hoping that thinking about how many I had would help me get down to a more reasonable ammount.

I got rid of a ton, and then got more from salvation armani. I gave more away, but will probably get a pair or two as gifts between now and the end of the year.

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Sold off Previous APC and Nudies so this is what i have now and I'm almost through with purchasing any more denim once I get the pair of blacks that I'm looking for.

W+H indigo
W+H mocha grey
Nudie SS (beater pair)
Buckler skinny indigo

Ps. Looking for W+H black or might substitute for NDG charcoal skinny fit, new please.
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Jeans rotation:
edwin nashville
lvc 33
lvc 37
levis "all duty"
super faded levis 590
dickies selvage

lvc "first blue" (far too big, must sell these...)
duffer cinchback (very rarly wear these)
wrangler slim cowboys (neverwear these)

should be getting carhartt double knee carpenter jeans in the next couple of days aswell.

I wear alot of different cotton pants aswell, mostly carhartt, so not that interested in collecting denim...

I used to have alot of other different shit jeans, but have gotten rid of them..
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