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How many pairs of jeans do you own? - Page 6

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My current line-up:

Skull 5010xx -- tight
APC New Standard -- slim fit
Nudie Even Steven (organic) -- tapered
Cheap Monday regular -- straight leg

I sold everything else (D&G J&ans, Mavi, Earnest Sewn, Paper Denim & Cloth, and others).
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sugarcane okinawas apc new standard nudie rrds
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Evisu Vintage Cut No.1s
Evisu prewash
Ijin Material cinchback
Nudie SJDB
Nudie SJGC
Nudie TFCG
Nudie TFDB
Cheap Monday Tight Grey
Tsubi Black Dee Dee Ruff Rocker
True Relgion Micky Clearwater
Taverniti So Lenny Grey
Chip & Pepper White Snow
Notify Pluto Aged Grey
Wrangle Cigarette Leg Jet Black
I guess that makes it 15 pairs of so...although if anyone is intersted in buying these im happy to sell. sizes mainly 29 and 30 but a couple of 28s
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Some favorites here: Current rotation: Dior 19cm x 3 Pink/Blue/Black 45rpm x 2 Don't know what styles circa $280 a pop at the NYC store APC x 3 Cure/NS/Rescue Acne Max Cash x 2 Blue/Black Cheap Monday x 2 Blue/Overdye Royal Rogan x 2 Cut 1's Hysteric G X 2 Nudie Slim Jim/Kim can't recall? Bunch of freebies from work and vintage Levi pickups from various markets.
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Current lineup:

Nudie RRDS
Nudie Baggy Bjorn DS
Rag and Bone RB6b
Samurai S5000BK
Oni Shoai
45RPM Nando x Nando
Sugarcane SC40400N

To be added:
5EPxSF and Dior 21cm
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Five, and I think its one too many!
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i have some grifoni and seven jeans as well
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(2) True Religions [don't wear unless I am doing backyard work or painting]
(1) 575 Jeans
(2) AG Jeans
(1) Stitch's
(2) Diesel
(1) Neighborhood Denim
(1) Dsquared
(1) Evisu
(1) PBJ
(1) Samurai

13 total
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nudie thin finns
earnest sewn hutch (lightning)
diesel shazor 8ab
diesel shazor 71b
diesel riden 819
diesel riden 83z
7fam slimmy's (grey havana)
7fam bootcuts (nyd)
levi 511's
gap morrisons

that's all that's not embarrasing to mention but i have some more.. probably around 18-19
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starters: nudie even stevens levi 501's subs: apc rescues a. whall cougars cheap mondays corpus fine straight free agents: black imperial kings uniqlo relaxed raw (btw, get at me if you're looking for a size 36w, these are too big for me) lee merc 101z so i own 9 jeans total... too excessive for myself, i need to pratice minimalism!
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Originally Posted by G79 View Post
Five, and I think its one too many!

I have 4 (which is plenty) and I'm planning on picking up another pair this weekend. Lord and Taylor is having a 4th of July sale starting today that I'll be taking advantage of!
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kmw rocker (my current project) james iii, proabbly my favorite or 2nd.. nudie thin finns edwin sens 1pair apcs 2pairs sevens 2pairs deisels +a few misc. pairs that are at the bottom of my stack and will probably never get any wear=/
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Nudie RRDS
Nudie Even Steven
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I have like 50 because I lost 100 pounds and kept buying more.
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