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Sold my APC NS; now it's -


Moving away from wearing jeans for the most part.
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i have 4 pairs of jeans 3 raws and one pre wash.
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I need to get crackin' ....

Regular rotation:

- Nudie AJDS (worn 1-2x per week since Dec 2007, although not as much with the summer heat)
- 5EPxSF (worn once)
- 5EPxSDZ resin (worn a handful of times)
- KMW 1950 (worn once)
- APC Rescue (worn a handfun of times)

Beater rotation:
- Lucky straightcut dark wash
- Lucky straightcut vintage wash (2)

Retired/hard duty reserve:
-Nudie GTDO
-Gap relaxed fit bootcut, stonewashed (about 6-8 pairs)
-Gap relaxed fit straightcut, sanded (about 4 pairs)

As you can see, I'm trying to wear the Nudie AJDS as much as possible to get them to the point of being up for their first wash. The rest are just pretty much sitting in my closet.
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My denimz:

APC New Standards
5ep low down boot
Levi's Capital E matchstick (never wear...)
Paul Smith Howgate Wonder
Ande Whall Grifter Streaky

All raw, of course.
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Rotation of rawness Prps New Fit Dior 19cm Dauphin MIJ Acne Mic I'm itching to get the new Slim me they look like Mics with selvage, which makes denimgeek-me cream my crotch fadez.
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Regularly wear:
KMW 1980 Raw
5EPxSF Raw

Occasionally wear:
5EP SDZ Dark Worn Wash
Earnest Sewn Fulton Grey

Have but never wear:
Sugar Cane Okinawa
Nudie Straight Sven Vintage Veggie Selvage
RRL Slim Fit Dark Wash
YMC Cinch Jeans
ES Fulton One Wash

I should probably sell more off, but I guess I like collecting some of the rarer ones that I never wear
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5. I only actually wear 3 of them, the other 2 I wear to polish my shoes or do work outside.
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Samurai s5000vx
Eternal 811
45 rpm Sorahiko
Sugarcane 40400
LVC 1947 x3
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s2a grey skinnies
lee 101b
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I thought the idea with raw denim is to wear them daily. If you rotate them they won't break in as quickly and will not fade as quickly
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Do to the strong influence of StyleForum, I have started 2 pairs of raw and just ordered a 3rd. Plan to rotate all 3, but may wait on the PBJ.

Sugarcane Okinawa
KMW 1980
PBJ XX-005 (coming soon)

Also own several designer pairs - Hys "Nobu" Classics, MofM "Used", and several from Mr. Olive, but I am now more dedicated to raw.
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i don't even like raw denim that much, in a perfect world, i'd just have like 4 pairs of dior 19cms..
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+1 on both accounts The diors do fit really well. I tried a pair on once and loved it. Can't justify the $300+ price tag though If i see a used pair in my size for sale for $200 or under i'd probably just sell my new cures and my j lindenbergs and buy them.
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blue: APC NS, worn quite a lot. PBJ xx-005 worn somewhat grey: Corpus Rye in Rain, worn quite a lot APC grey cures, somewhat black W+H worn quite a lot Somet 005 (don't fit me right, worn a few times) Acne max blackness, worn somewhat I was out of the denim game for a while but getting back in again, just got a pair of F380's and looking into getting a pair of ande whalls as well, when the mainline drops.
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reg rotation:

APC rescue
Flathead F310


Nudie RRDS (have been washed)
Dior MIJ 21cm (modded to 20cm)
NDG Classic Grey

need to be altered to be wearable:

DenimJunkie 501-xx
Acne Mic Raw
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