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How many pairs of jeans do you own?

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How many pairs of jeans do you own? How many jeans that you own actually get worn on a regular or semi-regular basis?

I own 12 pairs of jeans, but only about 5 of them get regular or even semi-regular wear.
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About 20 pairs about 4-5 pairs are diesels from 5 years ago that I never wear anymore 2 washed prps 1 washed kohzo and 1 washed 45rpm the rest are dry jeans made up of 5ep, rb, nudie, acne, somet, diors, and kmw I only wear about 2-3 pairs on a regular basis the rest are on and off ..sparingly throughout the year I would say future denim purchases: iron heart 634 and south willard 10oz jeans ..I dont know when Ill be buying these though..
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the future purchases is a good thing too

i plan on getting a pair of STF's and some Strangler bootcuts. I have decided 40$ is the most I should spend on jeans at this point in my life.
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I find it hard to justify spending another 500 dollars on jeans as I have too many pairs. But im still gonna end up doing it ...
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3 (although one is white, so does that count?)
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A couple dozen. But the amount spans years. I dont think I throw anything away, although second and third looks warrant a purging.
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None. I've tried to wear jeans, but just can't stand them.
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Current rotation: SC Okinawas 5EP LDB rigid Iron Heart 634 APC NS 45 rpm Sorahiko Slims o/w R&B rb6 KMW 1950 I probably have at least a dozen others of various brands (Diesel, 7FAM, Gap) that I no longer wear. Will probably donate or sell. From all the raws denim I currently own, I'm set for quite a while. Still kicking around 5EP straight down zips. Love 5EP jeans.
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I have 9 pairs.

Last year was all about Nudie, this year i've gone all repro.

Current rotation -
SC '47's, most week days
LVC '33 & Edwin ed-47, weekends

I've become fascinated by Kato recently (, the design and methods of production, etc. I've got to somewhere find about £200 to get a pair though which i'm finding hard to justify.
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2, 1 (Acne) gets regular rotation. Not much of a denim fan.
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Too many, now:

Sugarcane Okinawa (1.5 years old, fall, winter, spring)
Rogan Original (1.5 years old, rarely wear, beater jean for heavy drinking at night)
Samurai S5000VX (1 year old, fall, winter)
APC Rescue (2 years old, spring, summer)
PDC RPM (2 years old, rarely worn, summer)
Rogan lightweight dark original cut (brand new, summer)
Full Count 1108 (3 months old, fall, winter, spring)
Kohzo persimmon-dyed (1.5 years old, rarely worn)

No plans to buy any more any time soon. The next pair I buy will probably be something cut like the 5000VX but in a 13.5 oz dark denim.... If I can find it.
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In rotation:
Nudie Slim Jim Drys (my everyday jeans)
Acne Max Raw (still in good shape so I save them for nice occasions)
Nudie Thin Flinn Dry Black Coated (being coated and black, I can only wear them to rock shows and indy dance parties but I love them)
Nudie Regular Ralf in medium wash (good for my chunk shoes and dark blue shirts)

Out of rotation and try to sell them:
APC Old Cures in light wash
Diesel Zathan in medium wash
7FAM baggy in dark blue fade wash
7FAM tight in black faded wash
Diesel Kurat in medium wash
Chip & Pepper Bobby Baby in medium wash
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5 jeans in a regular rotation 45rpm suminando sugar cane sc40400n hawaii sugar cane sc40300n ryukyuai okinawa samurai s5000bk eternal 811
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dry ola
dark wash ola
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Current rotation:
Nudie Even Steven dry organic
Skull 5010xx one-wash

Cheap Monday regular fit, super dark indigo almost black

Sitting in the closet, never worn:
Paper Denim & Cloth LTD 2-year wash
Mavi Matt
some bootcut Von Dutch jeans
Perry Ellis straight/relaxed fit
Seven7 (not 7FaM) terrible fit

I think I am going to donate all the crap that I never wear. Hopefully I can get some thrift store credit, at least.
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