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What belt do you wear?

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I really want to get myself one of those tan genuine leather belts that will darken over time. Those look promising, and I'd think they'd be a good look with jeans.

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I wear Prada belts. Simple, good quality. I know it's unimaginitive though. I would buy Crockett and Jones to match the shoes when I buy them, if they ever had any in stock.
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Today, I'm wearing a smooth black leather belt strap, from The leather's not remarkable or anything, but over the past few years BeltMaster has become something of a "go to" source for me, when it comes to inexpensive belt straps which are perfectly adequate for routine wear.

And today's is black, because I'm wearing black shoes with a medium grey suit. I know that to hear some tell it, black shoes are a sort of horrible sartorial mistake. But that attitude - that black shoes are always wrong - is about as ignorant and dogmatic as the idea to which it is a response, namely that black shoes are always the best and most proper choice.

Anyway, I'm wearing the strap with a sterling engine-turned buckle, like the one at,default,pd.html?cmp=bac_google_display_P_P_M_Mens_PLA&gclid=CK-T-5frjroCFcuY4Aod-iEAxg. No engraved initials on the buckle, but that's just my preference.

In the spirit of BeltMaster's straps being cheap, but quite acceptable, I should probably wear them with Trafalgar's engine-turned buckles, which are silver plate over brass, and so only a fraction of the price of a 100% silver buckle from Tiffany or Brooks or a variety of other places. But I picked up the Brooks engine-turned buckle a few years back, marked way down, so there you have it. The Trafalgar version may be found at dann-online:
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Originally Posted by tokyocean View Post

I really want to get myself one of those tan genuine leather belts that will darken over time. Those look promising, and I'd think they'd be a good look with jeans.

tokyoocean ..think the below could fit the bill quite well the heavy hide.. they are made for Mark Stephen by Anderson's a very good Italian belt maker. You can give it a tan wax polish or a rub with a banana skin or whatever your preferred way is to build up the patina over time . There is a darker brown one too but the patina won't be so obvious .


However my own personal preference which is less rustic and a whole lot more sophisticated is a French one apparently made with the accessories house Simonot-Goddard who supply to a lot of very high brands .... I bought mine at Marengo in London , This belt looks good with jeans or even better with a pair of grey flannels. I don't know actually what sort of leather it is, but its my favourite and keeps getting better !

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Only alligator.
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I have a brown leather belt with brogue pattern that I've worn for 20 years since a teenager. It's now darkened to a nice patina. smile.gif

However I'm now on the last (widest) hole not the first shog[1].gif
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My two favourite belts:


(the brown one)

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I use Orion Leather belts. I always go for the greatest value when it comes to accessories where quality is not that important.


While $$$ may not be as big a concern for most people here, you should check out Orion belts on eBay for the returned ones to get an idea of how cheap they can go for full bridle or harness leather. Wouldn't hurt your wallet much even if you get an unsatisfactory belt for 10 to 20 bucks.

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Charlie Trevor's Equus. Period.
You would be hard pressed to find finer quality anywhere.
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I was initially slightly sceptical about the Equus belts, particularly for dress wear, but having worn one for a few months it's become a firm favourite.
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