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Originally Posted by gumercindo View Post

Nice haul, where from?

Red chambray?

It's my current casual shirt collection, almost all Gitman Vintage, top oxford is BB Gatsby, two Black Fleece (smaller checks) and one Thom Browne. Getting Kamakura from now on though.

Red chambray is from Gitman Vintage, I've had it about 3 years fabric has held up well, think it's a stock line shirt fabric
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Originally Posted by andreyb2 View Post

That's puzzling.

On the one hand, her written English is excellent -- better than mine. Never had a mis-communication issue in several e-mails (all written in English).


I recently had a fitting with Mary Frittolini and I agree that her written English is better than her spoken English. Fortunately, I brought the gf who speaks French.
Originally Posted by Cantabrigian View Post

Mary speaks almost no English.

It's still not terribly hard to do a fitting. You can always mine and guess at the French / Italian for whatever you want.

If you're not going to be there very long, I'd actually recommend holding off. Even after the basted fitting, there were still some changes to be made and unless you could do a basted + advanced fitting in that time, I don't know if you'll be especially happy.

Great construction though and she's gotten the fit to around 90%.

I learned a thing or two that I thought was interesting.

1) She favors the rounded cuff edges because she believes that it wears longer. Apparently, the edges of sharper angled cuffs wear faster.

2) The cutting of the trial collar while you are wearing it was quite surprising, but it gives a better sense of how it will look. It also makes adjusting the length and angle easier because it leaves less to the imagination.

3) The whole ripping up and adjusting of every seam was unexpected too. Most interesting thing was seeing the adjustment of the angle of the yoke and the adjustment of the shape of the armhole.

4) It was interesting to see how each adjustment made the unwanted folds on the shirt front disappear. The end result after all the adjustments wasn't completely perfect, but looked very promising.

5) I like that she makes shirts with the extra long tail and split side seam.

6) Mary prefers fused collars and cuffs, which I don't mind and have no strong feelings about.
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Is she in Naples? Did you do it there, or does she travel?
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I saw her in Paris. I'm not sure if she spends more time in Paris or Turin.
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Just picked these up!

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You have a very loose definition of "folded"
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

You have a very loose definition of "folded"

Sure now you're going to get us into a long debate about how at one point Manton said that they don't have to be folded for this thread.
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I'm not really complaining, just being pedantic. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by edmorel View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Beautiful, Ed. Are Panta shirts made in the US like your other things?
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My first MTM shirt. Slightly disappointed by the fit, which is far too blousy in both the body and sleeves. Hopefully this can be rectified.

I'm rather happy with the fabric (Acorn, which i supplied) and the collar which was customised for me, increasing band height and length of points from a standard cutaway.

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Very nice, Ed.
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Originally Posted by edmorel View Post

I love this ed - they start @ 40/15.75, right? no pencil-necked geek sizes? confused.gif
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All about the spread collar in 2014, and the Cipa shirts really nail it. Mine is on the far right, and sales rep holding the solid blue and a plain white for me to grab the 21st!!
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