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I don't really care about buttons at all beyond function. Thinner buttons are easier to do up.
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I like buttons thin or thick, wide or narrow. As long as they're shanked well, they're all pretty easy to me.

Thanks for these, Carl.
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New (Despos) shirt day:

White broadcloth

Blue broadcloth

White twill with medium blue stripe

Light blue mini check

Light blue twill stripe

Chris is a true pleasure to work with.
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Patrick: They're lovely, and make me ever so less patient to meet with Chris about some shirts next month.

Also, +many about the pleasure to work with part.
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Originally Posted by BullionBro View Post

I love every single one of your shirts.  The colors, collars, and everything is perfect.  Is it possible to email them my measurements or will I need to fly to Italy?  Please give me all of this information. I would greatly appreciate it.

Since it is bespoke, not MTM, I highly recommend that you visit his atelier and get all measured up. He can usually turn around the trial shirt 24hrs after the fitting. Plus, you can modify pretty much all the details by mm so it's worth a visit. PM me if you need his contact address / number.
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Originally Posted by Shirtmaven View Post

i put some snail colored 3.5mm on a shirt. i had trouble buttoning them. i think i will change them.
anything less then will not feel good when buttoning and will have a better chance of breaking
2 holes should hold up just fine. the buttons on the left are really nice.
i think they are at least 20-30 years old

I am a young guy and I had no male in my family to learn from about clothes.
Missing this valuable guidance, I often ask about things experienced people sigh about.
But it is to prevent from believing into misconcepts that I am vulnerable to.
This button topic is great proof.
Since I joined everybody was talking about how he got thick MOP buttons on all his shirts and I was lured into believing there was some reason why I needed them aswell.
Luckily I only got two shirts made since when I joined and can easily exchange the buttons on them whenever I want to.
Once again it was about how an item or detail of clothing was more exclusive than another and not how it had superior features.
An aspect I am really not fond of, which is more fashion than what I am actually after, style, and a reason I have to be more sceptical about SF approval in general.
Actually it was a blog entry of Bernhard Roetzel that made me rethink the topic and I soon realised that what he said was what I actually felt.
I will try to listen more to people who actually know what they are talking about.

Carl, you are one of those, I asked you a lot of times and not a single time you left me short of an answer and none of them has ever let me down.
I want to thank you once again, it is greatly appreciated!
Your answer above is just what I would expect from you.
I have measured the buttons on the shirts I have and found out the buttons that I liked the most are in fact 2mm not 1.5mm thick and that everything beyond 3mm is just too much.
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Originally Posted by poorsod View Post

I don't like thick buttons. I find them difficult to button.

i only have that issue with the top button, and i too find it to be really annoying.
patrick - great shirts, man.
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Originally Posted by poorsod View Post

I don't like thick buttons. I find them difficult to button.


I also find Borelli / Altoid sized buttons annoying on shirt cuffs. It gets to be genuinely uncomfortable resting you hand by a keyboard.
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Nice shirts patrick!

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Cross post w/ the cloth thread

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Originally Posted by Ich_Dien View Post


Aren't we tired of 2 button collars?
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