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Re-vamping my wardrobe on a tiny budget

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Incorrectly posted this on the Classic Menswear forum but it's definitely meant to go in here!


First off, great site. Only working my way through some of the threads but seems like the place is packed with good info. I'm looking to basically clear out 95% of my wardrobe. Currently consists of jeans that look too big for me, t-shirts that have been well worn and are pretty boring and hoodies (my usual go-to item when I'm not bothered finding something better. And then there's a pair of converse thrown in the finish off the lot. The items I am keeping include a couple of pair of chinos (see below) - these fit much better than any pair of jeans I've ever owned (and no, I don't have them turned up at the end). Tops-wise I'm keeping a few shirts/longsleeves and the jacket shown below.


Based in the UK but I'm looking to purchase online. Is a good place for someone like myself to start from? What would you recommend to add to the mix below (I know there's no much to work from but it's the best I could do)? Budget is around £800 over a couple of months.


Both Topman

Both River Island







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stay away from yoox until you have a better idea of what's worth the price and what isn't. imo if you're budget is "tiny" stick to uniqlo basics and clarks/vans/cons for shoes. stick around on the board if you care and get a better idea of what you want to spend money on.
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don't let the title scare you, but this thread is worth a read. even with a quarter of the budget.

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My advice is to stay away from Topman, Asos and brands like these. They sell poly-crap suits at unexpicable prices. I would suggest you to buy second-hand/outlet suits on eBay or outlet sites, even a size bigger, than have them tailored.


All the suits I own (except a Tyrwhitt) are eBay bargains I bought for 50-100 EUR, then adding another 70-80 EUR for alterations. They are all TM  Lewin, Aquascutum, Paul Smith and Reiss. Surely not the best you can have, but they cost me averagely globally 100-150 EUR each and fit like a glove as they have been heavily tailored. Before switching to this "routine" I started my wardrobe buying suits from Topman, which cost twice the price and fit good without alterations, but are totally and desperately crap from every perspective - cloth, cut, details...

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