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Burgundy Double Monks Suggesstions?

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I'm looking to purchase burgundy/maroon double monks.I first came across these carmina Shoes from Epaulet that go for $825

They are a little over my budget of $700 but are still an option.

I then came across a pair of Magnannis that I can get for $159 that were originally $459 at Last Call.

Which pair should I go for?Any other recommended shoes besides these two?
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You can always order MTO ones from Meermin in either calf or cordovan. Should set you back about 300-400 dollars, depending on which features you go for.
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^I second Vass. Calf is give or take $700, and you get hand-welted shoes with lasted shoetrees. 


Epaulet's pricing is ridiculous. Shell boots can be had for $600 off Carmina's eboutique; whole-cuts for less than that. You might want to try e-mailing Betty to see if they have any in their Spain stores (or PM LuisCF for Paris store stock). 

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any more options?

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You can't ignore C&J if double monks are what you're after.
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I was looking at C&J's but from what I know they don't have double monks in a burgundy type color

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Andrew Lock is the only one that comes to mind, but I haven't seen them in the flesh. MTO Allen Edmonds might be an option, too. Lots of info on that process (which I don't 100% get) on the AE thread.

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Lock's are more brown than burgundy. Comfortable and priced well though.
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Originally Posted by Shawl Lapel View Post

Lock's are more brown than burgundy. Comfortable and priced well though.

Glad to have somebody chiming in -- all the photos on their site look reddish, but the ones I've seen on tumblr look more brown.


The Herring Shakespeare II comes in burg.

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Gaziano & Girling has the Oakham in vintage cherry. It's a gorgeous shoe, though it's out of your stated price range and may be a little too red for your tastes:

FWIW, I just got an email from Epaulet saying they don't plan to re-stock the Salinger double monks from Carmina, but would be open to a group order in burgundy shell cordovan at about $725 per pair. If you are interested, you can post the suggestion in the SW&D Epaulet x Carmina thread and find like-minded buyers.
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Originally Posted by Subutai View Post

Ah, I wish the lighting in my house were better and that my camera phone did these justice. In any case, below are some initial pics of my MTO! Franciscans in Burgundy Independence leather, mocha lining, padded insole, bi-colored Independence sole, black flat welt wheeling, natural"ish" edge:

These are my first shoes from the Independence line; holy cow! The difference is incredible. The leather is much softer and the padded insole feels great. More pics in natural light to come!
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Those Franciscans are pretty darned sweet.

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