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Brooks Brothers the Steakhouse

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Going the Ikea route I see. There's some great synergies here as well.


"No jacket, sir? Step this way, we'll get you sorted out and put everything on one bill for you."


"I see you had a mishap with your tie, shall I fetch you another?"

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I doubt this will get off the ground.

However, may I offer some names for their steak cuts?
  • Madison: 40 oz bone-in ribeye smothered in gravy.
  • Regent: 20 oz New York strip with fingerling potatoes
  • Fitzgerald: 12 oz filet with a side of salad
  • Milano: Fish catch of the day with a vodka on the rocks.

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Patek, if those are not on the menu, I may have to eat elsewhere.
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Instead of branching out into the restaurant business, Brooks should make clothes of the quality we used to see from them before the 1980s.  It would bring customers back, and stop people from leaving the store for other retailers, like Ralph Lauren, that have better made clothes, and not coincidentally, higher profitability.  


There was a post from Ivy Style, written by Zachary DeLuca, on a Brooks Brothers suit from the 1950s with a spalla camicia (!) and handmade buttonholes:   This is not Kiton or Rubinacci but Brooks:


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Doesn't New York already have a legion of steakhouses?  So opening yet another steakhouse in New York makes as much sense as opening an Italian restaurant in Boston's North End, with the owners having no experience with Italian cuisine.  Or food.  Btw, the three year failure rate for restaurants is 60%.  

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