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Odd suit?

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Hi all,

I´m thinking of having my tailor make me not so much a suit, but rather an outfit, for lack of a better word.  I´d like to have him make me a pair of navy trousers, a navy pinstripe sportcoat or blazer, and a grey vest/waiscoat (depending on which side of the pond you are).


The navy trousers and the grey vest should look fine, what I´m unsure about is the pinstripe jacket.  Often times I find that a pinstripe jacket looks a bit off when it´s not worn with matching pinstripe trousers.  What are your opinions on this?  Also, would you suggest some alternatives that may look good?


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A navy pinstripe jacket with navy trousers will look like you tore the trousers to your pinstripe suit.


In the '30s, the very conservative would wear a black or incredibly dark gray jacket with light gray pinstripe trousers, but you'd need tremendous presence to pull this look off well today, and it would come across as a costume.


The idea of a plain navy suit with a light gray vest strikes me as great. A navy striped suit with a gray vest seems a little off to me -- an odd vest is a slightly dandyish touch, and a pinstripe suit is very conservative. A strikingly-detailed suit with a slightly unusually colored stripe (like a dark red, light blue, or gold) with a vest to match the stripe could be cool, if a bit much. It would need to be impeccably done, of course.

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Go for dark grey/charcoal trousers, medium grey waistcoat and a navy jacket
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I can't see this ending well. That is, unless you abandon the whole idea. Your bookkeeper will thank you for it.
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