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Good fitting grey suit for $300ish (so I can relax in it)

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Hey guys!


So I have a half canvassed suit that cost me just shy of $800 (including tailoring). I love it but I can't relax when I'm wearing it because for my budget, it's expensive and I want to look after it - I don't even sit back in chairs because I want to minimize wrinkles etc.


I'd like to get a grey suit because I think they look more rock n roll but I want to spend a lot less cash so I can mess around in it and not be stressed about it getting messed up. Any suit I purchase I will get tailored to ensure a nice snug waist, appropriate sleeve length etc as I'm an avid believer of the "cheap suit fitted > expensive suit with bad fit" mantra. Of course people with an eye for fashion can tell quality fabrics et al., but 99% of people will just see the color & fit.


So what are good options? I hear some forums recommending JAB but then others absolutely slamming it. 


Two additional considerations:

- I'm 6"1 / 180lbs but chunky legs so usually I need a small drop e.g. 5" or I need to be able to buy separates.

- I live in NYC, so if you have recommended suits that I could actually try on here, that gets double points (and points mean prizes).


Thanks all!


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Anybody? What about $400? 

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Go on Ebay and find one in your size. I got a pre-owned Oxxford grey suit off there and had it tailored. It cost me a total of around $300.
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Thanks, man. Ideally looking for something I can try on. Having got a suit that fits me well, I know what looks good on my body and don't want to take the risk with online-only :/


Mysuit seems like a possible option but I can't find enough supporting info on them that doesn't seem like it's coming from shills.

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Many times the suit is returnable, so you could try it on and return it if you did not like it. I found that once I knew my basic measurements, a tailor was easily able to correct anything.

I guess you'll have to decide if you want to deal with the extra hassle for a better quality suit, or if you'd rather get the best you can for $300 from a "standard" approach.
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Brooks Brothers, J. Press (on sale), etc. Try in store.
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