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The Master Cleanser

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so i'm not sure if many of you are familiar with (or have perhaps already done) this thing called "The Master Cleaser". it's basically a detox diet written by this man named Stanley Burroughs about 40 years ago.

here's how it works -- you make this lemonade concoction and that's all you subsist on for the recommended 10 day diet. it's made from:

fresh lemon juice
organic, dark maple syrup
cayenne pepper

that's it.

at night you drink a laxative herbal tea and in the mornings you drink 1qt of water containing 2 tsp of non-iodized sea salt (which hits your stomach like a bomb and flushed you empty within an hour).


so i'm currently just finishing day 3. and i have to say that i'm surprised at how great i feel. i have loads of energy and my sense of smell is definitely more acute than it was before. i don't feel terribly hungry, though i desperately crave pie and date squares. and bbq ribs ... and pizza ... and chips and fries and nachos and burgers and BEER! gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm excited for the process and to see how much of a difference it makes in the way that i feel after it's finished.

has anyone else done this before? if so, what was your experience like?
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It is supposed to be pretty good. I keep meaning to do it. I have done the Colonix, which I liked. I have gotten a colonic, which I liked even more!!

Going through sugar/carb withdrawl is the worst part. On the South Beach Diet, it took me 2 weeks to get over it, it was seriously like trying to quit crack.

Keep that colon clean too!
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someone did it last year and posted their whole experience faustian bargain maybe? tiger02 had a try as well, but lasted about as long as it took him to get an offbase pass to KFC. edit - yup here it is
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"Congratulations! You've just necrosed the mucosal layer of your intestinal lumen."

If you take a dump occasionally and do not have diverticulitis, your colon is already "clean", by which I mean "filled with all of the disgusting bacteria and mucus required for digestion".
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I did a two part cleansing system by Nature's Secret. That shit worked, pardon the pun.
post #6 of 14 NWS for language and little nudity. It is from Penn and Teller's Bullshit series. Even though you may not like Penn and Teller, it is quite interesting. They call out the whole detoxing myth.
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At Les Romack's website, this month's newsletter is all about "spring cleaning". Yikes!
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I knew a crazy guy back in college who did the master cleanser for as long as he could take it each year....he managed a week and a half the time I saw him go through it and because a raging ass-hat about 6 days into it. Only ingesting spicey sugar water is bad for doesn't clean anything, its a fast. Now, I'm not sure about how fasting really affects you, but I am positive that our bodies can pretty much cleanse themselves without all these fancy ass things. I would definitely be interested in seeing how these things deal with the build of of allergens however....
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Fasting can be good for you to let your organs catch up I think, but don't fast for longer than a day or two I don't think. To clean your colon, a high fiber diet should keep you from needing colonics.

I had a colonic last year and I lost an inch or two off my waist, it was the shit.
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I'm not trying to be obtuse or rude, but why would you do this? Is it something you do if you keep getting sick, or can't kick a cold? or is it for weight loss? Should I get a colonic?
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I had some really raunchy farts that would blanket the room at eye level.

Get a colonic to clean shit out, literally. You'll also release a lot of gas and bloatedness.

If you let the shit ferment in there long enough, it will eat through your colon and become part of your colon. Letting it sit there will also cause cancer. With all the junk and preservatives people are eating and let sit, colon cancer has dramatically increased in recent years too.

If anything, you feel squeaky clean after one.
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Real question - Is there evidence that a colonic is actually BAD for you (vs just unpleasant...)? Random aside - Tiecollector, I think that your avator is Mr. Info (Matthew Lesko). It's wierd to see him on SF - he lives in my building in DC. He has a wife, a kid and a question-mark MiniCooper and scooter and everything. Quite surreal...
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That was post 666.

Colonic ladies will push them and perform them on their families almost daily. I would only recommend every few months at the most often. Otherwise, it will interfere with bowel movements.
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An article on detox diets is up on today:
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