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Tree sap on shirt

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My father had gotten some tree sap on one of his shirts, and I was curious to know what you all think is the best way to get it off. Right now he is soaking it in warm water after using Shout on it. Are there any good secrets to getting sap off of a shirt? Thanks. Brian P.S He was told by one of his associates about using WD 40, but I thought that would seem harsh on cotton fabric.
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From the University of Minnesota web site: Removing Tree Sap from Fabric If the fabric is dry cleanable only, sponge affected area with non-flammable drycleaning solvent; flush with drycleaning solvent, and let air dry. Take to a drycleaner as soon as possible. If the fabric is washable, sponge tree sap with drycleaning solvent. Flush with drycleaning solvent, and let air dry. If using powdered detergent, sponge affected area with water. Apply a paste of powdered detergent and water, and launder. If using liquid detergent, apply directly to the dry fabric. Launder as usual. Line dry. If stain remains, apply a few drops of ammonia. Before using, check ammonia for colorfastness on inside seam or hem allowance. Launder as usual. Tree sap is classified as a combination stain. A combination stain is described as wet/dry because the stain contains both water and an oily substance. Treat as an oil-base stain first, then as a water-base. Permit fabric to air dry between treatments. Other examples of combination stains are ice cream and meat gravy. Sometimes it is recommended to pre-treat tree sap as a special stain a stain that requires different or special stain removal techniques such as tar or paint. Pretreating is a special treatment for spots, stains and heavily soiled areas done before washing or dry cleaning. This step may be necessary as some soils such as tree sap are not easily removed by just washing. It is suggested to use a pre-wash product such as dry cleaning solvent. Read care labels for instructions and type of fiber in the fabric. If using a powdered detergent, it is recommended to make it into a paste with water. Bar soap is often effective if applied to the fabric when it is damp. Liquid detergent, especially heavy-duty and spray-type pretreatments products obtain best results when applied directly to dry fabric.
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From the DIY website: Glycerin -- You can remove tar, tree sap (think Christmas tree), juice stains, mustard, ketchup and barbecue sauce. From Excite: \t How do I remove tree sap from my car or clothing? \tPine pitch can easily be removed from almost anything by using a water-soluble paint brush cleaner. The best thing, which is also harmless to skin, paint and hair, is bacon grease or lard. Just rub it on, and off comes the sap. To get pine sap off of your hands, simply rub mayonaise on them. Then wash it off. It works great. To remove pine tar or almost anything, apply lighter fluid, gasoline or WD-40 to the stain. Plain old rubbing alchohol also works great. \tAvon Skin So Soft (oil) removes it just like that. It also will take the sap off cars and windows. Additionally, I've used 'Goo Gone' to get sap out of a Christmas Tree skirt. Good Luck
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