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Online Shopping Anxiety

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So I created this thread to see how you guys deal with shopping online.


I am located in Austin, TX so there is some alright shopping here but a lot of the pieces i want I typically find online.


This can be great if I know the brand and have tried on their sizes before but I have a little back off from trying new brands that I find online.


I know a lot of these guys offer free shipping and returns and stuff but it just seems like a lot of effort to order something just to try it on and to possibly have to get another size. 


How do you guys deal with this?

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Hello, I am a fully licensed online shopping anxiety counsellor if you need a comforting shoulder and a kind word while awaiting freely returnable goods in the mail.

$19.99 per 10min of livechat assistance. Extra $9.99 for cam2cam.
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lol! I need to see those credentials!!!


This is a serious question! What makes you decide whether or not to risk ordering something. For example say I see a great leather jacket that is $1400, even with the free returns it is still a bit nerve  wracking to order it and what if you send it back and it gets lost in the mail! Also, I'm a busy guy, so this requires going to the post office and dropping off packages etc.

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People buy stuff worth more through B&S with no chance of returns.
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True. I guess I just have to buck up

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Life is hard.

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This jacket...........I just can't............arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.........what if I have to send it back but it gets hi-jacked by Somalian pirates. Would that put me in direct support of pirates? What would I do then?

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