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Jesse Pinkman Style Finder

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First up I see there are old threads on a similar Jesse finding topic that were from 2010 and 2011, I'm happy to move this to the end of one of those or if a mod feels that would be better placed...


I'm trying to find a couple of clothing items worn by 'Jesse Pinkman' of Breaking Bad and so far I feel perhaps it's my search terms failing me rather than a lack of information online.


This is to recreate a 'costume' and so the more items from one outfit I can locate the better :)


 I've found the T Shirt is from Ecko Unlimited - Does anyone know if this top has a particular name ? I'm assuming it's not for sale by Ecko anymore but perhaps I could find something on a resale site.


That aside, the beanie/hat I'm having real difficulty, every search term I use just returns a big bunch of copy cat hats and whilst they're pretty good I would prefer to find the actual designer/brand.


The hoody, I can't find a screen shot where the hoodie is closed but has anyone ever located this one ? It seems as though there's a gold/yellow pattern to the front.


For this one the jeans I can just go with any baggy jeans but the Hoodie other than finding a 'yellow hoodie' I've yet to find any paticular designer or brand... I hear volcom were one of the brands but not sure if that would be the same for this one ?  Also the T-Shirt (you see a pattern here... I'm far from being a fashion guru and thus my search becomes 'black t shirt with dragon - jesse pinkman).


Last but not least the outfit I am most interested in re creating is this one:


 A slightly clearer although moving image here:


The hat is obviously same as first image here but can anyone point out where the white full sleeve top and whatever he has going on on top is ? It seems like a black t shirt and then a gillet as I would call it ?


I appreciate any help in naming/finding these items online.  This is for a Halloween costume for anyone wondering... I realize I can recreate with baggy clothes and a beanie but before I go down that path I'll try this route first :)


Thank You

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these guys will probably be more helpful than anybody here.

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Thank You :)

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I haven't had any response about these items anywhere, however I did manage to find the beanie is from Adidas but can't seem to find it anywhere online.


Would anyone happen to know if this beanie (yellow and grey one) is still available or in production ? I found other colors and they were in the 'climawarm' section.

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