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shell cordovan care in washington DC

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Happy shutdown to my fellow DC residents. A quick n00b question completely unrelated to the government: Have any of you guys found a shoe-shine place that does cordovan properly? When I tried myself, following the Alden instructions, I failed. They looked like shit. This is undoubtedly my fault.

I went to two places near where I work (Farragut). The first guy had no idea what I was talking about and the second guy said, sure, sure, I can do that, but I watched in minor horror as he just polished them with normal shoe polish, too embarrassed to say anything. At least I stopped him before he sprayed on the rain sealant.

Yes, I have Googled around and searched through the forums, but I couldn't find anything promising except SkyValet, and they are apparently (1) expensive and (2) prefer their own customers to schlubs off the street.

The shoes are nearly new and don't need repairs, but I've fucked up twice already and would like to take them somewhere reliable before I try to shine them again myself. Is SkyValet my only option? Am I just being a whiny bitch? Don't answer that last question.
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Who told you that SkyValet prefers their own customers? Everybody is a first-time customer before they become a regular.
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Saw it on here during my pre-thread-starting search for answers. Evidently the person had gotten the impression that SkyValet gives preference on shoe repair to shoes bought from SkyValet. That was n=1 from a random person on the internet, so I'm happy for someone else to tell me it's wrong.

Actually, would SkyValet even do a simple shine or are they strictly retail/repairs? I have no personal experience, obviously.
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I'd suggest either sucking it up with SkyValet or simply brushing until your arms fall off a la the Mac Method.

Full disclosure: my pairs of shell shoes were freaking FULL of product when I got them; for me it took months of wear and brushing until they got to where I wanted them to be. Now whenever they start to look rugged it only takes five minutes or so of brushing per pair to bring 'em back.
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