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Modifying jackets...?

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I was looking at this blazer here: I am a huge fan of Yohji Yamamoto, and a cotton blazer at 50% is very appealing. Dark Blue pinstripe with thin peaked lapels and a slim cut is just so attractive to me. In fact, if you knew how much I wanted this blazer, you would probably want to knock me senseless. The problem: I am a size 1 by Japanese standards, and the jacket is size 2. Basically, I'm wondering if since it is cotton, is it easier to modify the suit (as opposed to wool, of course)? I am being far too wishful here, I think, but before my heart is broken I thought I'd ask.
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Link does not work for me..
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It's working for me. Try Copy Shortcut / Paste in address bar.
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Works now, thanks
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i would think that the difficulty of the alteration of the suit is likely the same whether it's made of cotton or wool or cashmere (okay cashmere is more delicate and perhaps more care would be needed to work with it) i would be more concerned with the taking of the thing apart and resewing it than what it's made of
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Thanks, Hermes. I figured that maybe less care needed to go into modifying cotton. I'll run some searches on the forum before I ask any more questions.
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Link doesn't work for me either. Yoox is always weird. I would imagine cotton might be more difficult to alter because of the higher likelihood of needle holes showing if something was let out. If only taking seams in, it might be okay. However any seam that has puckered at all (typical to cotton) will not look right after alteration. So if it is brand new and you are taking things in only, it could work, but after a cleaning I don't know. I'm only guessing, though, based on my (minimal) work with other cotton clothing.
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