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Pictures: New Hemrajani SC

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Overall, I think this jacket fits very well ... other than the back. I'm curious why the back is so much worse than the rest, too—perhaps it doesn't drape well because its not lined. I'm curious to your thoughts.

Front and sides:


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Bumping this. ...
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Looks a tad small on the hips, hence the open quarters and rolls of fabric at the back of your waist.


Also, the upper back looks a little big, it could be taken in to clean that up.

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These points make sense. Thank you for the constructive feedback.
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I agree that there may be a bit of too much waist supression, but wouldn't a good tug at the bottom of the back straighten some of these wrinkles out? Don't think no lining would cause those wrinkles at the top. Was this done by Joe? If so, and if the tugging doesn't help, I would take it back to him to upper back fixed (I would also let the coat out a bit more, but that's up to you).

Collar looks fine though; is it too loose?
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I tend to agree with you that a tug may very well fix some of the issues, and by the same token, I thought the weight of the lining might improve the drape a bit. ... but neither seems to be the answer.

I think that letting it out at the waist a bit will improve the back, and I see room for it to come in at the shoulder blades as well. The tailor that measured me was M Kenny, and when I took it in to show him after I'd worn it a dozen times, he said that everything was fine and didn't seem to agree with the problems that we've noted here.

I am planning to send some photos to Joe and asking him if he will do the alterations before I order another.
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Souynds like a great plan - let us know how it goes.
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