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Gin and Tonic: which are your brands, respectively?

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Is anyone else noticing the small-batch Gin trend these days? I'm in FL, which I have come to accept a cultural void of sorts,especially when it comes to trends or any persuasion. Even here, Gin is becoming more popular. As my go-to liquor of choice for a proper drink, Gin never gets old and, unlike other libations, even the most undiscerning of palates can identify one gin from another to some degree. 


I recently bought a good friend of mine, amongst other things, Bloom, Beefeater 24, G&J Greenall's, and Miller's Gin 90.4 for a birthday/ graduation gift. Unfortunately, we don't live close to each other so I couldn't sample those monsters with him, and, as a note, I have never tried any of those. Has anyone tried them? I am about ready to venture out of my Hendricks bubble, not because its bad, but there has to be other great gins out there right? 





As far as tonic goes - I will only go with Q. It is superior.



Just as a side note:

I was on a business trip to Seattle and spent too much of my free time at a particular watering hole that specialized in various whiskeys and gins. While unwinding one day after work, I had one of the best gins that I have ever had to date. Distilled locally in the northwest, it is called "Big" or "Big Gin". Has anyone had the pleasure themselves? Does anyone know where I could buy this in the southeast?

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I've tried quite a few and I'm not convinced that the quality improvement is nearly as great with gin as with some other spirits. I've recently had Bluecoat, The Botanist Islay, Dry Fly, Broker's, Citadelle, Hendricks, and Plymouth. Tried most of the usuals years ago. Broker's is my bar default now, just cheap enough to mix with anything. Plymouth is an essential since it's not a London Dry. I'd probably give Bluecoat, The Botanist, and Citadelle another go (in roughly that order for various reasons). A lot of it is just what profile you enjoy, and what works for the drinks you like to mix. I liked Bluecoat a lot in Negronis, Botanist a lot in martinis but I rarely go for those. I have a hard time using Hendricks, although it got me into gin in the first place. Plymouth is probably my overall favorite, will always have a place in my bar.
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Fair enough, but I wasn't talking about the improvement per se, more so the variety that is booming these days. I don't know the history behind it gin or anything but it seems like back in the day there was gin - one "kind". Now it seems like there is more niche gin depending on the the drink. As you mentioned Negroni, probably my favorite cocktail, I have had a few that were made with a poor gin and it really ruined the drink for me. I'll try Plymouth. It sounds like the next logical step. Thanks G

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I'm partial to PLymouth, maybe Bluecoat if Plymouth isn't in stock.
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Hendricks and Fever Tree
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I've tried a lot of gin in a G&T, and likewise a lot of tonic. Actually not a huge fan of Q Tonic when compared to Fever Tree, which truly seems to be superlative. My G&T is Bombay Sapphire and Fever Tree, which gives me everything I need. By now I stock about nine gins, and like them all for different things. Hendrick's and Martin Miller (the standard, not the Westbourne) arre huge favorites for me. Beefeater or Plymouth serve for my well.




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Fentimans tonic is also very good. Just a bit below Fever Tree and way above Q, in my opinion.
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Hendricks for me too. Like Huntsman, Bombay Sapphire is alright with me also.
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Bombay Sapphire and Tanqueray Rangpur are my favorites at the moment.

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I haven't found an artisanal brand that I like for a G&T (or a martini for that matter). I prefer the classics, Tanqueray, Blue Sapphire, Plymouth, etc..
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I find the quality of the lime to make a huge difference. I look for limes with a thin shiny skin and some give when squeezed. That usually indicates they are ripe and juicy. A lime that is too sour or pulpy will take away from the flavor of the perfect G&T.
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Fever-Tree and Broker's or Hendrick''s or Beefeater. I often use lemon instead of lime.
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Concur on the Fever Tree for tonic. If you like Hendricks, you'll probably like Bulldog as well. I find Nolet's too floral for my tastes, but respect its quality. Far an away my favorite is The Botanist, made by the Bruichladdich Scotch distillery. Very elegant, with a lot going on but no single note overwhelming the others. Better than anything else I've tried by a long shot. 

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Oh, I made a mistake. I completely forgot about Old Raj Blue. That would be my favorite gin in a G&T or straight.
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peepwall[1].gif Schweppes Diet Tonic & Hendricks. Add a lime and a cucumber.
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